I have designed this simple and quick sweater pattern especially for KAS - and also for those (like me) who hate ribbing! It can be found in the KAS pattern book and this discussion is for members to ask any questions and/or post their own photos of this garment.

It's made from chunky yarn (UK term) and knits up to fit a child around 5-6 years old (24" chest). You can also make this size using 2 strands of double-knit yarn (UK term) together.

Alternatively, for a slightly larger sweater, you can use 2 strands of aran yarn (UK term) together; this would probably fit a child around 8-9 (28" chest).

I love making these jumpers and choosing the colours to go together - at this moment, I've already got the colour schemes/yarns together for my next 3 sweaters!

Many of you have already asked for the pattern before the pattern book came out. If you complete a jumper, please do post a photo of it here - I'd really love to see how it works out for other people!

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    This Winter Warmer was knitted for the July 2013 Challenge - Africa - and is made using the bold colours of the South African flag.

    • Hi, Heather!

      Thank you for your kind reply.  Since I sent that message I found yarn that is very close to the colors in the Winter Warmer picture.  I love the sweater with the colors of the South African flag.  I love all of these sweaters, in fact.  Will send you a  photo when I finish mine.  It may not be ready for this year's So. African winter as I need to finish another sweater.  It needs to be in San Francisco by July 31st to ship to Afghanistan.  Am knitting squares for KAS too.  Did one in intarsia with the map of Africa in green and So. Africa in red.

      Where do you live, Heather?  I am in Palmdale, California, a town of about 157,000 in the Mojave Desert about one hour's drive from Los Angeles.

      All the best,



      • I am in York, UK - a small and very beautiful Roman city in the north of England. 

        I look forward to seeing your Winter Warmer when it's completed. 

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    This lovely Winter Warmer was made by KAS member Caroline. You will notice that she has substituted ribbing for garter stitch for the borders.

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    Here are Winter Warmers  23, 24 and 25.

  • Hi, Heather!  I love this pattern & bet that the children do too.  I really like the color combination you used in the KAS Pattern Book for this sweater (navy, dark red, and a multi-colored tweed yarn).  Can you tell me what yarn you used, please? I prefer to knit in all wool or wool blend yarns. I live in California.  

    • Hi Barbara

      All the yarns I use are acrylic and are made by UK based manufacturers, most of whom don't sell abroad. I've made so many of these jumpers now that I forget which yarns and whether or not they were chunky (bulky) knit or 2 x starnds of double knit (worsted) yarn.

      Sorry I can;t be more help, but thanks for your interest. I'm sure that whatever yarn you use the result will be great! please do post a photo so I can add it to my album!

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    This is my latest Winter Warmer (no. 22). Lime green , which again hasn't come out very brightly in the photo.

    • Sooo vibrant, Heather.....agree totally with Roz.....a great eye for colour.

    • What a lovely combination of yarns, you have a great eye for colour Heather....Roz x

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