Hi everyone - I am a new member based here in Auckland New Zealand.

Last year my school pupils and I knitted 12 complete squared blankets - we had been inspired to do something useful by the stories my sister and her family reported to us of their time in Johannesburg. Now they have left  Johannesburg for good .........................but we wanted to keep knitting and so I have been looking for a way to get our squares out there - it looks like I have found the perfect place!! My pupils and I have all found it so rewarding and are looking forward to more knitting!

 Best wishes Tina 


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  • Hello, Tina!  Glad to have you and the students with us!  Look forward to hopefully seeing photos of your work!  KAS is the greatest group EVER and our work truly goes to help the children of South Africa.  

  • Hello Tina and your wonderful school pupils!  We are so glad you have chosen KAS to support with your future blankets - by taking direct action you will know that you are making a real difference to the lives of the children.  When the children are given their blanket, hat and cuddly toy they are told how much they are loved & appreciated, plus that they are valuable to the future of South Africa.  Also, through KAS you know from the photographs of the distributions that your blankets will actually reach the children who need them!  Welcome aboard and please share photographs of any work the pupils produce on the Photo tab on the menu bar.

  • Welcome Tina!
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