I'm so glad to have found this site! I am a retired Health Visitor living in Northampton with my husband - who still works - and my black labrador, Maggie-May.
I go into a local school two afternoons a week to help children with reading.
I am looking forward to being able to make a difference to children in South Africa!
with best wishes to everyone,

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  • Hello Cathy
    welcome to our site
    I hope youenjoy being with us we are a friendly group.
    do you knit or crochet, whatever you do I am sure you will enjoy being here
    lots of love
    LIZ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • I knit and crochet, but I think initially I will probably knit the squares. I'm really looking forward to being involved. Thank you so much for your welcome.
      • hi cathy
        glad you have joined and enjoy your knitting
        LIZ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        • Welcome aboard!We've all become yarn and knitting addicts!
  • Hi Cathy.
    Welcome to the UK group for KAS. I joined about 6 weeks ago, and have knitted hats, squares, tops, its so addictive that every spare moment I pick up my knitting, and for such a good cause too, plus the enjoyment of knowing the children are warm and cared for, and to know that people out there really do care about them, they are not alone.

    Best wishes
    Mo xx
    • Right on Maureen. I couldn't have said it better myself as to why we're all so eager. One person truly CAN make a difference, which is marvellous. :)
      • Hi Cathy! Welcome on board. I live in South Africa and have been a member since last year some time. I like to knit and crochet and try everything, but squares are so desperately needed that I try to do a certain number each month before venturing on to something else. There is a great reward in our work, the knowledge that we can help children in need and the friendship and warmth one can find here on the forums. Best wishes, Jen
  • Welcome aboard, Cathy! My mom had a golden retriever named Maggie May and a friend of mine has a daughter with the same name (thank you, Rod Stewart).

    Do you knit or crochet? :o)
    • I do both! Recently I've discovered sock knitting - very addictive.
      • Welcome to KAS Cathy! :)

        How long do knitted/crochet socks last? My husband's feet are so rough he tends to shred the commercially bought socks quite quickly inside his work boots so I've never felt it worthwhile to make him any. The sock yarn seems tougher than regular yarn, and it comes in those gorgeous self patterning color schemes now, so does anyone have answers to how long handmade socks last? I remember darning socks in the 1960's, we had those wooden mushrooms you'd push inside the sock. We darned a lot of socks instead of tossed them, back then. What is it with guys and never cutting their toenails anyways??? :P
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