Hello all!

I'm a Geneva based KaSer that joined about 3 months ago, and just want to stress out how  wonderhelpful I find this project!

As a an avid knitter & crocheter, I love making squares and try all sorts of colors, soft yarns & patterns, but also BIG squares and rectangles that end up being a single piece blanket ;). 

This is also a call: any knitters/crocheters in the Lemanic (french for Geneva Lake :) area? 



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  • Woow... Australia, Canada, UK... Thank you for your warm overseas welcome into the community! 

    • hi lina and welcome from another uk resident I started to crochet for kas back in june and I love it my husband even joins in and helps me ie lending me his hands when I am wrapping squares to send and he even made me a 8x8 inch square template out of card board so my squares are exactly 8inches by 8 inches

  • Hi Lina, welcome from Canada !  I've added a comment to your page to help you navigate the forum....but you seem to be doing quite well already :-)

  • Welcome Lina from the UK.  You can catch-up with events and news through our monthly news bulletin : KasSnippets will provide a taster of what happens during a KAS month!


    We also have two new videos which are work checking out :


    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4uekHo1UYY


    2. http://youtu.be/UIrfmIYuHYE


    Your support will truly make a difference to the quality of the lives of the children!

  • Hi Lina

    Welcome to KAS from over here in Western Australia.  :o) 

    We are so glad you have joined us and I hope you manage to connect with other KASers from your part of the world.

    Happy knitting/crocheting.

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