It took me a while before finding this.

My name is Siana and thanks to all for the very warm welcome, what a great community here!

I am a knitter and a Saori Weaver living in the BC Interior called the Cariboo.  Our log home overlooks Sulphurous Lake in a remote area.

I now have found a great place to make good use of much of my left over yarns!  Does a happy dance.

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  • Hi Siana, would love to hear what a Saori Weaver is or does!

    • Hi Pam

      Saori Weaving is a Japanese weaving, basically it's free style weaving, no rules, boundaries, no pattern to follow. You can use any material and fibre combinations. Making anything from rugs to clothing, everything is a one of a kind and unique. I have a Japanese floor loom I adore as it folds and is portable allowing me to take it with me to do demos and teach.  I also have a huge Leclerc loom which is packed in the shed as I do not have room for it in the house here.

      See some pics on my blog here:

      • That's a super loom Siana! Thanks for the link.  I did a weaving course just using a heddle loom a couple of years ago, but am now having weekly lessons with an old lady who wishes to pass on her skills before she passes on herself!  The loom is an old-style 4-shaft Ashford - I'm making a twill scarf at the moment, but made a little mistake in the threading-up - so I have a line going up the scarf.  Never mind, it taught me a valuable lesson, and, once folded in half it won't be that noticeable - I hope!  

        Love the pics on your sites!

  • Hi Siana

    Your place sounds absolutely something out of an old movie...log home (cabin) and all.

    I have a sister who lives in Kamloops, BC. I am afaid I'm not really sure where that is in relation to where you live. My other two sisters have both been to visit her on more than one occasion....I am waiting for them to invent a car that can drive on


    Thanks for joining KAS..The generosity of our members and support of each other, I believe, make this a very special family to be a part of.  :)) 

    • Hi Bev

      Oh your sister in Kamloops is about a 2.5 hr drive from me.  When we need to do major shopping at *the big box stores* , see a specialist we have to go there.  Or to Vancouver.                  

      The closest town for us is about a 40 minute drive where we get groceries and do small shopping.   We are pretty remote and love it......the quietness with nature.

      • I was right...your location sounds perfect.  :))

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