Hi all, from Lindi...

Hi everyone...


Thank you so much for all your welcome messages.


This week on Tuesday I visited a Kliptown shelter named Khayalethu where I met with the district analysis officer.  I met and spoke with the 320 kids who they are catering for at the moment - all from different areas of Soweto.  This is our biggest project in Soweto at the moment and we are planning to do a big distribution of blankets there on the 16th of June which is Soweto Day.  From next week I will be taking them 900 squares a week for 80 ladies there to sew into blankets for this distribution!  I will keep you posted on their progress!!


We also visited Kliptown yesterday with a friend of Erin's who is a professional photographer.  She was able to get some wonderful pictures of 'day-to-day' life in the area.  It is a place of extreme poverty and a stark reminder of why we do what we do...  We will share her pictures when they are available but in the meantime some of our own pictures are attached below.


Next week, once I have been able to get the accurate information, I will also give you an update on the flooding that happened in Kliptown last year.


With love,





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  • Hi Lindi,
    Many thanks for what you do and you are certainly kept very busy. The photographs bring home to me how lucky we are in the UK. They have given me the motivation to do more knitting and eventually crocheting.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you again.
    Love, cuddles and kisses to you Lindi and all the beautiful people you help.
  • Hi dear Lindi -  just wonderful reading your message.  Look forward to many more words from you, especially about the floods in Kliptown.   Can imagine how absolutely awful it must have been for so many people.  And I can well imagine that what Christine says is quite right that you have increased the knitting rate by ladies all over the world by thousands of squares - how exciting is that - much love Zanny
    • Thank you very much, Zanny... (Ronda sends her love too!)
  • Lindi,

    Thank you so much for the update and pictures!

  • Lindi,

    So glad to "hear" your voice here on the Forum. I appreciate all of the work you do to make KAS possible. We, the knitters of the world, and the wonderful volunteers in South Africa CAN make a difference in the lives of the children. Together, we can work wonders!

    • Thank you so much, Debbie.  I really enjoy what I am doing...
    • Lindi thanks ffor these pics and your update. 900 squares!! Oh my gosh those sewing ladies do a great job.
  • Taking 900 squares a week to just one place makes me realise just how much this project has grown in such a short time.  Thanks Lindi for sharing these photos - they really do remind us of the desperate need that exists and spur us on to knit and crochet faster!!  I hope you now know - if you didn't before - just how much we all appreciate you and everything you do. xx
    • Thank you, Elaine. I appreciate all of you too...
  • Lindi,
    You touching base with us as you have time is greatly appreciated. I know you must be super busy most of the time.

    I wonder if Erin's friend would allow us to show her photographs on our Flickr site? We would, of course, give her credit for every photo and provide a link to her website or blog.
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