hi everyone,

I started to crochet squares for kas back in june 2013,i was browsing the internet looking for something to do for charity and to keep my hands busy, as I have lots of time of my hands due to  the fact that I retired from work 15 months ago,i chose to take early retirement from a job I had been in for 23 years, my husband had retired from his job 4 years earlier,we are now enjoying life and go out on trips and go on holidays,anyway I came across the knit a square charity and decided that's what I was going to do so far I think I have made about 35 or 37 squares not quite sure how many but I do know I have sent off 4 packages so far. and now I am working my way through a kas cuddle its the 1st one I have ever made and its taken me nearly a week to do on and off. my husband even gets involved and helps me wrap up the parcels he holds the parcel tape for me lol and measures the parcel to make sure it is the right size for the small package rate at the post office,i havent yet got him to pick up a crochet hook and have a go himself,but you never know he may do one day 

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  • Well done you for doing a Cuddle in a week - it took me much longer! Lovely to have time to enjoy holidays and trips together and also to knit for something worthwhile like KAS.

    • I agree with Pam, it takes me much longer...even did my last one while on holidays and I think it took two weeks.

      • I am afraid I havent done any more cuddles since the first one, as I have been busy concentrating on my squares, but I hope to do some more in the future

        • Well I've only made two.  :))

          • I did start a second one but its still in the bag unfinished I suppose I will get round to finishing it one day lol  so u have made 1 and 1/2 more then me lol

            • The second one I made I knitted it all in one piece. I.e. 70" long (and 'cos I used thicker yarns than first time it ended up nearly 18" across)....I thought it would never end...LOL.  After reading your discussion this morning I went hunting (and hunting and hunting) in my cupboards for the other yarn I had bought months ago to make another cuddle. Providing the weather is not tooooo hot during Christmas - New Year, I may attempt another (in two pieces...lol) then.

              • mine was made all in one piece and like you I thought it would neer end I kept measuring it and it never seemed to get any longer I was ready to give up but eventually did it and felt so proud of myself

  • Well Ann, having a helping finger on the cellotape is a start!

    • i agree and it is a great help


  • Retirement has been wonderful for you !  It is fun to have time to travel and not have a set time to be back to work.

    So glad you've found KAS to keep your hands busy and the children warm.  Your husband is a great help and you might get him 'hooked' yet :-)   Some husbands have taken up loom knitting to make squares and my husband enjoys knitting Plain Jane squares.

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