Hi I have been meaning to join this site for a while. Currently on mat leave with my second child, but hoping to get some knitting done. Seeing how warm she is with hand made blankets and clothes from friends is a really good motivator to make for other children , who dont have anyone to provide them with hand knits....share the loving!

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  • Hello Catherine!  Wonderful to meet other Maritimers here.  Congratulations on the birth of your little one.  Two children will keep you well entertained and extremely busy, I'm sure.  Quiet time with a ball of yarn might come in handy every now and then :-)

    • Thanks Gloria, we are practically neighbours! By Canadian standards anyway. I am actually from Ireland and our concept of distance is a little different. My Canadian in laws would consider Fredericton to PEI a day trip, but my Irish family would consider it a weekend trip at the very least lol!

      • Yes, Catherine, we all seem to see distances differently.  Each year my husband and I try to spend some summer time in Shediac on Parlee Beach, but for us it's also a weekend (or week) trip!  Age might have something to do with it, though ... LOL  Internet technology has brought the whole world together into one room.  I have a son in Alberta, but we talk so frequently and sometimes face-to-face via Internet, that it seems he's not that far away at all.  It's awfully hard to hug him from here, though! 

  • This is a wonderful way to share the loving ! The children are now experiencing the beginning of winter and will need all the warmth we can give.  

    Enjoy your little girl and if you find time to knit that's great :-)

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