• Hi Susan,

    Welcome to KAS!  We hope you will enjoy our friendly community. I have moved this discussion to the category Questions, Answers, and Help where it will get more attention..  I see from the answers below, that our Karen Gordon is already 'on the program' steering you in the right direction.

    She is absolutely correct - a quick read through Helpful Hints should answer most of your questions, but if you have others, just post them in this discussion.

  • I advise you to take a look through the Helpful Hints section at the heading top right of every page.   I've also messaged you personally.

  • Hello Susan, welcome to KAS.   I see that you have just become a member.   Have you taken a good look around the forum?     Have you actually got some crafted items ready to send now, or is this an initial enquiry?   

    • Wit is just a initial enquiry. I have started my first square this afternoon

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