I don't understand

I can't seem to get anyone around me excited about KAS. Example: I was at a country fair on the weekend. One of the buildings was Commercial Exhibits. I strolled in to kill some time while I was waiting for my husband and son and the first booth I saw was selling knitted scarf kits. I got to talking to the guy behind the table about the difference between knitting and crochet. I waited for an opportune moment to mention KAS. His reply: "That's the one where you send over squares and they make them into blankets." I was thrilled that he had heard of KAS but then floored that he had no interest in joining the cause. It seems that everyone I talk to about it, whether they're a knitter, crocheter or non-crafty type, is blase about it. I can feel my eyes light up whenever I talk about it, explain what I've made and how it's being put to good use but no one seems to bite. Is it just me?

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  • Good idea, Jeni - about using the smaller squares for baby blankets. the thought also crossed my mind that if they are soft enough, they might be assembled inot SLIPOVERS...... just have to wait and see what comes.
  • Jeanne - wanna come down here to the banana belt and help me crochet edges on those 100 undersized squares?? It'll probably be warmer in Uxbridge than in Dryden in January.... you "great white north" folks might even regard it as balmy!!
    • hah! i wish i could. good thing time is not an issue, or else you would have to mail them out to people to do the edging.
    • What about just sewing them together to make some baby blankets?? That might be a more favourable option.
      • Good idea too!
      • That's a great idea!
        • Andrea....back to the idea of why people won't join............do you think the shipping fees put people off.? It seems like I can make a lot more things than I can afford to ship. Maybe if we can get a central location in each country or even in North America where people could ship., someone could be in charge there of repacking and shipping using Kas contributed money. An idea for the future...................diane
    • Yeah we might. It's 10C here tonight and I find that warm. I did think "wow if I was closer I could help you with the squares." However I'm about 20 hours drive away so I think I'll hold off for now luvey. ;)
      • Make it a vacation... you can visit with Anne, me and then Kyla. :o)
        • Instead of a Shop Hop, a KAS hop?

          LOL. Wouldn't that be fun?
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