Hi all, sorry I've not been on this page for such a long time. I have had a lot to deal with at late and not had much time , but I am back with you all and ready to knit some squares. Hope everyone is ok. I've a lot to catch upon. Thanks Sharon xxxx

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  • Thanks Pam, I don't know my way round. Hope you are well .
    • Hi Sharon

      Just saw your name pop up on someone's photo and I thought 'hmmm, haven't seen you lately'. Like Pam, I hope that life is treating you a little more kindly and I look forward to 'seeing' more of you.  :))

      • Thank you Pam and Bev , I can't wait to get back to knitting squares again . Hope you are both well.xx
  • Hi Sharon, your message got lost as you accidently posted it in Challenges - so not many people have seen it!  Have posted it here in Meeting You & Members Personal blogs as it is much more personal!

    Hopefully, all your own personal challenges are behind you and we can look forward to seeing your lovely squares back on the photo parade!

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