Knit-a-Square members will have an affinity with this report as we delivered blankets, garments, cuddles etc to the Neo Day Care Centre in the first week of Spring when the temperatures were still freezing!

See KAS visits Neo Day Care Centre

also see the progress and transformation from Day 1 at

KAS Facebook reports

How lovely to see this wonderful transformation by the

JAM Switzerland Team

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Here is the Report and photographs of the hand-over :

Today was the handover celebration of Neo Day Care. Parents and community members all came to celebrate the remarkable transformation of the day care centre! Mama Nthabiseng Rompove couldn't believe her eyes. Thanks to JAM Schweiz (JAM Switzerland) the day care centre is now equipped to better prepare the children for formal schooling.

A great big thank you to JAM Switzerland!

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  • Oh my word what happy busy children. This is fabulous !

  • Three cheers for JAM Schweiz and the wonderful transformation!  Life for the children at Neo Day Care has surely changed - first KAS arrived with things to keep them warm and then along came JAM to improve the day care centre. These children will grow up remembering 2014 as a magical year!

    Does anyone know where JAM gets its funding to do this amazing work?

  • Just wonderful!

  • wow ! what a transformation !! 

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