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Today was the handover celebration of Siyakhula Day Care! From a grey, cold and brittle structure to now a solid and warm learning environment. The JAM Schweiz (JAM Switzerland) team truly transformed Siyakhula.This will help to prepare the children for formal schooling. A great big thank you to you all! Siyabonga!

Some final touches on the day before the hand-over!

A beautiful new sign !

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  • Beautiful and such stunning artwork to make the children very special and loved. Thank you JAM and the locals.

    • A wonderful transformation. I was amazed by the queue for the slide, and lovely to see the children dancing and enjoying the balls too. They all look so happy.  The transformation must give a boost to their self worth which is what we all want for them.

  • What immense hope this completed project gives to the caregivers, the children and the entire community. There ARE people in this world who care, who love and who put that love into action.  What wonderful pictures.  I love the paintings of animals and balloons on the buildings and the fish scales in the pond and the picture of the keys being handed over. I mean I just don't know how the women and men running the daycares all over South Africa keep their spirits up and don't get totally discouraged with little to no resources or help, and something like this gives everyone such a huge shot in the arm!  The kids playing with balls...the dancing they did...a big celebration and a boost for the whole neighborhood I think...hey we noticed you, we came to help because you're important...what better message in the whole world is there to give someone than that?  They are our brothers and sisters and these precious children are the future of the country.   Love these pictures!

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