• All together we've had just over 175,000 squares arrive from the end of 2008.  I forget who asked where for the totals but I'll post it here too.  This is from Kalai. :)  Just FYI.


    I'll leave this discussion featured until the February challenge is up.  It's coming soon, final touches being seen to right now.  It'll be different, we haven't done it before.  

  • Jeni I hope what we've put up on the board for January fits your hopes and criteria?  Any suggestions and I'm happy to include them, hon. :)
  • Just posted the January challenge.  If there's anything you want added to it, do let me know, like if I missed some salient point from this discussion here?  Thanks ladies and gents!


    Jeanne :)


    p.s. Sandy and family are taking some Holiday time in the Aussie bush so won't be around for a few days. Chilling and maxing and relaxing in the Bush, sounds good as it's summertime where they are! :D

    • Bonus points Jeanne for the use of "salient".


      I'm going to try and use my full vocabulary more this year!  :)

      • I dunno how it happens...suddenly a word I haven't used in years just floats to the top of my conscious mind and I use it.  It really makes me sound more intelligent than I really am.  heh heh heh...


        My grandmother used to do the London Times Crossword Puzzle...for FUN, every morning.  Playing Scrabble with her was a complete education in words I never knew existed!  (and yeah you've got to be verrry bright to tackle the London Times Crossword Puzzle)

  • Here's a square pattern I made up that works well for using up your yarn stash.





    • I'm really enjoying this pattern using one color, but I cannot seem to figure out how to change colors!  Since there isn't a joining, I can't figure out where or how to start the new color!  Any suggestions?
      • I just change colour whenever the one I'm using runs out.  I complete the first wrap around the hook of a DC (or SC if you use US terminology) in the old colour, and the final wrap with the new colour and then a chain with the new colour and carry on as before....hope this makes sense!
        • I admit I'm a lazy old so and so hence I just knot the new yarn onto the old, continuing crocheting as if it's all one piece of yarn, leaving a bit of a tail of both yarns which I can crochet over and then weave in among the work after.  I am finding whether I change colors at the corners or in the middle of a row doesn't matter with Mary's pattern, it's really giving me hope.  My squares are turning out 8 inches exactly, square and not runkly.  The age of minor miracles is occurring in the Haessler household....I must sit down and get over the shock! ;)
          • And here I was thinking that my problem was that I was trying to change colors by carrying the yarn because I'm too lazy to cut and knot it =).  I'm sure trying it together will solve my problem =)!

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