JBay Recycling Project for Children 2014

The Rotary club of Jeffreys Bay and Spirals Studio have started a project where

children are encouraged to collect, sort and deliver “recyclable junk” to a central point and exchange it for tokens. 
They can then use the tokens to “shop” in an associated shop for toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies and books. 
The materials collected are sold to local recycler, Environman. Money earned this way, pays for about 30 percent of stock in the shop. 
Local businesses and individuals are invited to contribute by way of donations for the shop stock.

The sessions take place on a Monday, except during school holidays.

The benefits from this project are numerous; it cleans up our environment, empowers the kids to get what they need by using what is available, teaches the children to look at rubbish in a different way, the value of recycling, shopping and counting skills and deliver much needed support in a value for value concept rather than old fashioned hand-outs.

The KAS Stitch Witch Group is heavily involved with JBay

The Stitch Witch Group created 8,500 squares with 200 completed blankets, 300 teddies and over 500 beanies by the of 2013! Here are their targets for 2014 :

Photo: These are our goals for this year after we had such a huge success last year :0

JBay Facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBay-Recycling-Project/153517224701417?fref=ts

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  • December 8th, 2014

    From JBay Folks:  "Last trading day of 2014. Christmas gifts, treats from Nina's and balls from the Davies. Well done all volunteers and supporters. See you all in the new year."

    To view more photos, click here.

    Even the animals get into it!




    • What a cute boy...he is really enjoying his bun !

  • December 1st, 2014

    From JBay Folks:  "Busy, happy day - our second last trading day of 2014. Thanks to all volunteers, Kerry and JBay Primary for the wonderful toy donation and Infood for delicious soup.  We all wore red ribbons to commemorate World Aids Day. We know that our project is providing some support for so many of our little recyclers who have family members affected by the disease."

    To view more photos, click here.

    Soup's On.


    Some little recyclers.


    Let's make bubbles and have some fun!


    • Thank you, Robin.  These pics always make me smile.  Love the bubbles :) xo

    • So good to see the sun during these damp cold December days here in the Northern Hemispher!

  • November 24th, 2014

    From JBay Folks:  "Today's recycling is cancelled due to the much-needed rain which is not predicted to clear today. We still have 2 trading days left this year, so please join us on the 1st and/ or the 8th. Remember to get those biscuit ingredients when you visit the shops!"

  • November 17th, 2014

    From JBay Folks:  "Busy day - 289 kids and 1,9 Tonnes. Well done all volunteers. Thanks to JBay Primary, Surf Masters, Island Vibe, Chrissie and Caitlin for your assistance. Roger, you were a star on the computer!"

    To view more photos, click here.

    Soft toys are always in demand.


    They received a donation of loom bands.  The kids just love them.


    • Nice to see the children having fun.

      • Totally agree Linda!

  • November 10th, 2014

    From JBay Folks:  "Challenging day - our scale was on the blink and we were almost rained out, but we persevered and all the kids were assisted. Well done to all volunteers and special thanks to the Surf Masters girls, Infood for pizza and the Jeffreysrus prayer group for their visit and donation!"

    To view more photos, click here.

    Sonneblomgebedsgroep (Sunflower prayer group) of Jeffreysrus Retirement Village gave us a generous donation and spent some time visiting.


    Some little ones enjoying the pizza.


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