This month the Square Heart Award goes to

Andrea Palmatier (Canada)

Andrea has been an active member since 2009.

With her talent and skill with a crochet hook, Andrea has created many beautiful squares and garments for the children of South Africa.


                                   Andrea’s Love and Hope patterns are available in the KASPattern Book


In 2010, Andrea’s marvellous Jigsaw pattern blanket was one of 27 KAS blankets presented to the Soweto Gospel Choir when they sang in the U.S.A.

The Jigsaw pattern is available in the KASPattern Book

Members of the choir, with the blankets wrapped around their shoulders, sang “Oh Happy Day”.  It was indeed a happy day when the blankets were given to needy children at the Nkosi Haven, the South African centre supported by the Choir. 

Click here  to read the full story [scroll to “Oh Happy Day”]

 Choir member on the left displaying Andrea’s blanket.


Although Andrea has a busy life with work, a husband and 2 young boys, she has taken time to promote KAS through her blog, Andrea Squared.  It is always interesting to read. 

This is her mission statement:

"I've made a public commitment to crochet one square a day for KAS. My goal is twofold: spread the word for KASCare and warm the children with enough squares for almost 11 blankets. I'm also going to be sending at least one hat per 35 squares and, whenever possible, KASCuddles and GO-Overs."


Thank you Andrea for your ongoing support of KAS and the children of South Africa.

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  • Andrea - very belated congratulations on receiving the Square Heart.  Believe me I had a hard time not letting it slip during our coffee date (had a little 'insider information').  I am really enjoying your blog - always interesting, always well-written.

  • Congratulation Andrea!  All your work and all that love is warming the bodies and hearts of so many.  You are an inspiration to all of us.

  • Congratulations Andrea. You are very deserving. And your work is always so beautiful.

    The choir pic brings back some very happy memories too.



  • Congratulations Andrea, you are a most deserving recipient of this month's award.

  • Congratulation to you Andrea - very well deserved.  Thank you for being an inspiration xx

  • 2965050629?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Congratulations Andrea! This is such a well deserved award. Your crocheting skills and dedication to KAS and the children of South Africa are a true inspiration! xoxo

    • Laurie, you just cracked me up! Thank you for letting me inspire you. I am truly humbled by all this. :o)

  • Very well deserved Andrea - you achieve so much in your busy life and are so caring of others.  Your blog has been a total delight to read and an inspiration - well done. x

  • So pleased that you have got this award Andrea... so well deserved and you make such lovely squares!

  • I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind words, support and encouragement. I've learned a lot crocheting for KAS – not only new patterns and stitches, but also about ways to give and make the world a better place. 

    One thing that makes KAS so special for me is the people. I feel as if I know you all. You've shown me that my belief in the connectedness of everyone is true. You've shown me that there are wonderful, caring, amazing individuals in this world. I like to consider you my friends, kindred spirits with the common goal of helping these beautiful children.

    One day I will make it to South Africa so I can shake Ronda's hand, but until then, my crochet hook is going to keep flying! Thank you again. ♥

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