June 2017

So many things to see in your day from sunrise to sunset. Each of us in this world -wide KAS family will have different things we see during our day. Any of them can be inspiration for a square for a child. Don't forget the PJ's, they can be made in the colours of your day. Here a few ideas to give your creativity a start !

There is the sunrise to welcome the day.

Image result for free photos sunrise

The traffic on the way to work.

 Nyc, blur focus motion, times square

Break with a book .

Young Student reading books

 A butterfly on a flower. I couldn't resist our lovely monarch butterfly for this picture.

 Animal, Beautiful, Monarch, Butterfly

Boiling the kettle for a cuppa or coffee.

Free stock photo of coffee, dirty, drink, vintage

A bird on a branch.

 Blue Jay

Do you have a friend who is always happy to see you?

Tan and Black Yorkshire Terrier

The setting sun at the end of the day.

Sunset, Sky, Sun, Cloud, Twilight

I hope you enjoy these ideas from sunrise to sunset, we would love to "hear" about your day !

Remember June has a lovely warm square for the Pattern of the month. Give it a try !


Knitted Two Stitch Rib Square

 Helen Flagg (USA)

It's [here] in the KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available for you to use.

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  • Thank you so much for hosting the June theme, Susan. I'm sorry these are sooo late and also that I only managed seven squares for this month.

    June 2017 Theme - Sunrise to Sunset last two squares for June. I'm looking forward to Spring....hence the The square on the left is purple and has a white flower with pale pink edging, which was crocheted for me by my sister, Ros. It is a little 'flattened' as it has been in the bottom of my knitting bag.

    • Thank you Bev they are beauties. Very good team work on the purple square.

  • Very, very late and still the ends to sew in and the boarder to add but here is my blanket for Junes' theme  Sunrise to Sunset


    • Wow, Sharon, definitely worth waiting for - a beautiful blanket (and I sympathise with you dealing with all those ends!)

      • Thank You Sharon it is a stunning blanket , beautiful colours and pattern !

        • Absolutely divine, Sharon. LOVE these colours together.  :))

  • Thanks so much Susan for hosting June's theme. I contributed with very little but the 3 aquamarine squares remsemble very. Much of the color of my days lately in the Riviera maya. LOOK at the color of the sea. I had problems before loading a picture . - only iPad in here - I hope you like it if opens!?!?
    THANK YOU!!!! /diana


    • I forgot to post here the squares I called Aquamarine :


      • Beautiful aquamarine just like the sea. It is my favourite blue colour! Thanks Diana D !

  • Sue, thank you for hosting June's theme and thanks to everyone for your beautiful contributions.  :))) 


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