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    MNCP had another distribution on November 16 with KAS blankets, toys and hand-warmers.  Please visit the discussion here:


  • MNCP is one of the organizations KAS works closely.  They had this celebrations recently and KAS provided had warmers for the children.

    Our children had a fun-filled day on Saturday when we had Mrs. Africa Classic, Gill Holm volunteering her services to MNCP for the day. Thank you Gill for bringing a sparkle into our lives during this time of doom and gloom with the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting hardships caused to so many people. Thank you for your message of HOPE to our children to pursue their dreams despite the present circumstances.

    A double bonus was having the Foxfire Youth Team with us! Thank you for showing our children that they can be anyone they want to be as long as they focus on God and work hard.

    We also want to thank Knit-A-Square SA for the donation of hand-warmers. These came in really handy and allowed the children to hold their hot lunches without their hands burning.

    Thank you to Astral Foods for the donation of the chicken stew mix and to our other donors who enabled us to provide the children with a lovely hot lunch. God bless you all!


    • Thank you Amy. I like to have news from MNCP.

    • Fantastic!

    • Thanks for the good news Amy, MNCP are also working hard to build a centre.

      • Thanks Amy.  :))

  • From the Facebook page of Mama Ntombi: 

    THE SMILES SAY IT ALL! Thank you to our KAS world-wide friends for the donation of these beautiful blankets, beanies, hand-warmers and toys. These were handed out to the last three children who were not able to attend when Athele did the distribution.




    • Lovely! I think the hand warmers in the last picture might be mine too, I sent a batch in July in these colours. They were in the batch of 42 I did for pattern of the month.


      • Congrats Wendy!! Good spotting!!


    Little library 301

    If it wasn't for the tireless efforts of Nosimpiwe and Joyce, we would not be able to reach so many schools. I am always in awe of their enthusiasm to find new schools who would benefit from receiving books. Networking at its best and living our motto 'Don't be jAlous' as together we are stronger.
    So here's to a few more children now being able to read books and enjoy stories.
    For this little library we thank St Cyprian's School for the books and Polyoak Packaging for the bookshelf

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