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Episode 1 - Finding Freedom Within Limitations

Episode 2 - A Spell In The Park

Episode 3 - The Rewards of Reaching Out

Episode 4 - Reflection On A Year Like No Other

Episode 5 - Friendships On The Knit a Square Forum

Episode 6 - Where Our Blankets Go

Episode 7 - Celebration To Cheer The Children

Episode 8 - Volunteers At Work

Episode 9 - Kindness In Action

Episode 10 - Blankets To Keep Out The Winter Chill

Episode 11 - Castles and Picture Squares

Episode 12 - Keeping It Real

Episode 13 - The World Needs Our Help

Episode 14 - Dangerous Conditions

Episode 15 - The Backbone of Any Blanket

Episode 16 - Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

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  • Episode 16 Notes:

    Tuesday, September 7, 2021

    Leanne’s daughter Tammy joins her on today’s podcast to chat about their morning at the barn. Tammy is a psychologist in training and has experience working with patients with anxiety. She shares some interesting findings regarding knitting, crocheting and other fibre arts.

    This is the final episode of season 2 of the Knit-a-Square podcast. You are welcome to go back and listen to previous episodes from seasons 1 and 2, and if you have any suggestions for future episodes, please get in touch.

    For knitting patterns you can visit the KAS Shop for a free to you KAS created booklet with 35 square patterns.


    • Thank you Leanne and Tammy for an amazing podcast!  Just before listening, I had been tentatively planning to visit the Barn, so everything Tammy said on the subject just confirmed my intention.  I will be leaving South Africa in the near future, and always promised myself that if this day came, I wouldn't leave without a visit to KAS - now all I have to do is sort out the practical side of things!

      I think many of us can also relate to what Tammy had to say about the therapeutic aspect of crafting, and it has certainly been a lifeline for me in recent weeks and months.  Just made a note to myself to seek out a knitting/crochet group when I'm settled in the UK, since it's confirmed that crafting in a group has additional benefits :)) 

      • A visit to the Barn is a must if you are able.  

        The love, excitement, colors and tremendous experience will stay with you forever.

        Let me know if you need Ronda's phone number.

        • Thanks Amy, that would be a great help.

  • Episode 15 Notes

    Tue, August 24, 2021

    Joy Evans is a keen knitter of PJ’s and is glad to know they are welcomed as the backdrop to beautiful picture squares contributed by other members. Speaking to Leanne from her home in Arkansas, she shares her passion for Knit-a-Square and the chance to let the children know that someone cares.

    In this episode you will also find details on the measurements of squares and how to prepare them for posting. Sometimes puzzling problems arise, such as when a square turns out much too large or a blanket edging looks more like a frill. Leanne has some solutions to offer from her own experience which may prove helpful to listeners.

    • Here is Estelle with 88 perfect squares from Joy.9543464689?profile=RESIZE_710x

      They were opened on September 7.

      Wish my squares would stack that neatly!

      • Thank you Estelle and Amy!  I mailed these squares in early June, and I'm excited to see they arrived in the barn. :)

  • Episode 14 Notes
    August 10, 2010

    July is Mandela month in South Africa, but this year’s Mandela Day was marred by social unrest. Listen to what the volunteers at Knit-a-Square have to say about it, now that things are returning to normal, and experience some of the lively atmosphere in the barn as they open parcels, fold blankets and sort squares.

    Leanne welcomes feedback on the podcast and is always on the lookout for members who will come on as guests. We love to hear about the special interests of our members around the world. Please get in touch if you have a story to share or just want to make a suggestion for a future episode.

  • The world needs our help

    Episode 13 Notes:
    July 27, 2021

    Grace Weir has been a member of Knit-a-Square for 11 years, and her friends in Dorchester, Dorset have helped her contribute many blankets and accessories for distribution. As she shares with Leanne her love of yarn, knitting, card-making and a range of other crafts, her enthusiasm for helping others is infectious.


    You are probably aware that a spate of violence and looting has engulfed KZN and Gauteng lately. This, in addition to the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, is putting enormous strain on poorer communities. Please keep South Africa in your prayers and help in whatever way you can. Even sharing this podcast with a friend is an act of kindness, since it is a way of telling others how they too can make beautiful handmade blankets, beanies, hand-warmers and toys for our most vulnerable children.

  • Thank you Leanne for another fabulous Podcast. Athelé certainly has “the gift of the gab”. Her accurate description of our distributions, our personal feelings and the children’s reactions are spot on. 

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