Hi everyone!


I was so excited to see a photo of a KAS blanket on pg 25 of the Spring 2010 Issue of Interweave Crochet Magazine.


I wrote about it on my blog today...



What a fabulous way to get the word about about KAS!


Great work everyone!


:) Melissa

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  • thats pretty awesome - somebody should grab an extra copy and mail it to Sandy.
    • Very good idea. Now I've got to think where I last saw that mag on sale. Anybody else able to send one to Sandy?
      • Sure, I can take that on. I have to pick one up for myself anyway. :o)
  • Ditto to Dawne's words, I'd not have known either. Thanks for telling us! And that's interesting that both blankets photographed are OURS. At least I'd swear they are. Wonderful to know so many people are helping so many others around the world, what an "upper"! :D
  • Thanks for letting us know. I wouldn't have seen that article otherwise.

    Great job.
  • Awesome! I love that magazine too so I now have an excuse to buy it. It makes me so proud to be a part of KAS. The more exposure we have in the media the better! :o)
  • Well done, that is great.
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