Our Gift For You...Knitters

Whether you’re knitting squares for charity or to make your own warm blanket, you will find all the variety you’re looking for in this jumbo set of 35 fun square designs.

Our sincere thanks to Sophia Minakais from Knitting the Natural Way who designed and donated these square patterns.

Not only is the book filled with enough patterns to make a sampler blanket, but it is



Va Va Voom Variegated

& Spectacular Stripes

Is the Theme for August. 

There have been some amazing photographs posted by our many contributors from around the world.  You really need to check out this discussion hosted by Rebecca, you will not regret it.


Our COM is Yellow

The Blanket Room

Things may have slowed down a little bit due to COVID, country lockdowns and holidays, but the Blanket Room is always filled with amazing photographs thanks to Patricia.  

Have you checked out the collection for August? It is a feast for the eyes and imagination.


The JULY Squares Lists

Monthly totals:

During July we recorded 88 parcels containing 4,996 squares, equal to 142 blankets.

The number of parcels is low because of the Lockdown Level 3, anyway, parcels are arriving on a regular basis.

Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.


Please note: If you recently or a couple of months ago, have sent a parcel, it will arrive, however, because of Covid-19 the worldwide postal system is not yet working as it should be, moreover, there is a Lockdown level 3 in SA at the moment, so don't worry that your parcel will have gone astray. In the past it sometimes has taken months before parcels arrived and it seldom happens in 10 years that parcels went missing.
Please keep on making squares, hand-warmers, hats and toys for our vulnerable children. Winter has arrived in SA and it is bitterly cold during the nights.


Please take a look at discussion page "The Barn 2021" , if not yet recorded on the Squares List maybe you can spot your items there. Here is the link: http://www.forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-barn-2021






Please find below the squares list as an attachment:  

2021 JULY SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:



The Barn

The post has been coming into The Barn in a steady flow,

the ladies and gents open and sort...they don't go slow.

Out go the blanket packs, blankets for distributions, too,

Thank you KAS team, and Estelle for the fabulous reporting you do.

See all the recent photos and reports in The Barn Discussion.


July was a very good month for the KAS coffers.

We want to thank our many contributors that have a monthly subscription and donate to KAS. 

From Andrea: 

In Canada and the U.S., July marks Canada Day (our birthday) and Independence Day respectively, and we commemorate the day(s) by setting off a ton of multi-coloured fireworks. Well, July didn't disappoint as our KasShop total for this month is…


Thanks to a very generous donor, the Shop hit an all-time high and Ronda is beyond thrilled: "…this has put us back into the black and given us almost 3 months operational costs in hand."

A Message from Aunt Nellie

It is also pleasing to see so much mail arriving regularly at The Barn, so as always I need to stress the importance of every penny to help keep the motor running for distributions, and pay the Office rent.......Please stop by the KAS Shop which can be found across the top right banner on every page - I'll be there to say "Hi, and Thank You Very Much".

Third Quarter Distributions

There have not been that many distributions this month, but you can check out what has happened here: 


There are planned distributions in the near future, so please check this discussion for continued updates.

Memory Blankets Discussion

We have a discussion that was started in 2014 where contributors make blankets in memory of a loved one.  This blanket was recently added to honor Anne Powell, from Canada, that was an avid supporter of KAS from the very beginning.  Sewn together by Estelle with squares from around the world to pay tribute to Anne, her favorite color, pattern and themes.

Be sure to see past blankets and maybe contribute to this discussion in the future.

Memory Blankets Discussion

The World Needs Our Help

Episode 13 Notes:
July 27, 2021

Grace Weir has been a member of Knit-a-Square for 11 years, and her friends in Dorchester, Dorset have helped her contribute many blankets and accessories for distribution. As she shares with Leanne her love of yarn, knitting, card-making and a range of other crafts, her enthusiasm for helping others is infectious.

You are probably aware that a spate of violence and looting has engulfed KZN and Gauteng lately. This, in addition to the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, is putting enormous strain on poorer communities. Please keep South Africa in your prayers and help in whatever way you can. Even sharing this podcast with a friend is an act of kindness, since it is a way of telling others how they too can make beautiful handmade blankets, beanies, hand-warmers and toys for our most vulnerable children.

Dangerous Conditions

Episode 14 Notes
August 10, 2010

July is Mandela month in South Africa, but this year’s Mandela Day was marred by social unrest. Listen to what the volunteers at Knit-a-Square have to say about it, now that things are returning to normal, and experience some of the lively atmosphere in the barn as they open parcels, fold blankets and sort squares.

Leanne welcomes feedback on the podcast and is always on the lookout for members who will come on as guests. We love to hear about the special interests of our members around the world. Please get in touch if you have a story to share or just want to make a suggestion for a future episode.

Connect with Leanne here, Pod Patter

New Members

A Peek In The Archives

In May 2015 the theme was Single Color Squares - PJs and Textures.

We thought it might be fun to revisit this discussion hosted by Gloria since this year is a year of PJs and we focus on one color per month.

Here is a photo from Anneke with a little helper to display her creations. 

From Anneke: 27 PERT PJS in Chain Stitch Pattern. The cute little guy still lives here as from Oct 2014 because he is too big to send to SA (or the boxes are too small) and in the meantime he has become rather naughty and cheeky. When I kindly asked him to help me arranging the squares he told me to keep my hands off the neons, he said: Yikes! The NEONS are MINE!

Mmmm, I wonder if she still has that little helper?


Heritage Day on September 24 is a day that celebrates South Africa's roots, their rich vibrant, and diverse cultures.  South Africa is call the "Rainbow Nation" due to its color and diversity, and this is why Heritage Days exists.  Its Goal is to nurture and embrace South African culture for what it truly is, accepting all races and genders.

September Theme and COM

Karen Gordon will be hosting the theme in September.

What are your COLOUR MEMORIES?

Rainbow colours, pastels, whites, black, greys/grays, 

(how do you spell that where you are from?) or earthtones.

We can't wait to see what you post on the Forum

Our Color of the Month will be...


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  • Thanks Amy another super and interesting snippets. 

  • A stunning edition of Snips Amy, thank you so much. A joy to read and see the photos. And yes, the little helper has found its way to SA a looooong time ago :)

    • Thanks for letting us know where he was....maybe he has been replaced????

  • Once again super, informative Snippets, thank you Amy. 

    I’m not sure where to reply to the Podcast so I’ll just do it here. 

    Once  again I loved your Podcast Leanne. You just have a way of interviewing everyone. It was great to hear Joy Evans’s Southern accent and tell us how she got involved with KAS. Joy I’m very familiar with your squares. I’ve loved them and recognize them as soon as your parcels are opened. I was fortunate to open four of your boxes at the start of the year. If I remember correctly there were 70 in each blue and white box. We love the colours and yarn you use and each square is pure perfection. I’ve used so many of your squares- recently in Marion’s sloth blanket and Amy’s SA flag blanket. I also love incorporating them into the Christmas blankets. Looking forward to seeing your C2C squares but please don’t stop your famous PJ’s. 

  • Thanks for all this super information.   I appreciate it must take a lot of time but have to say being able to keep up to date in one comprehensive production piece each month is fab ❤️

    • Thanks Karen.  I am always amazed at how easily Glo puts everything together.  Just trying to keep up with her great example.

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