July Theme - Around The World

Our theme this month gives of a good look inside of the world of KAS.  KAS is global, items from over 50 countries pour into The Barn to warm children in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  This month our contributors have created some very special squares, blocks and blankets.  Please be sure to visit this discussion led by Beverly.

If your country not listed here, please let us know so that we can show how KAS is reaching out to more people in more countries.

Color Of The Month


Vision comes alive when everyone see where his or her contribution make a difference.                                                                                     Ken Blanchard


There have not been many distribution during July because of the Lockdown Level 4 issued on June 28, and the riots that affected Gauteng and KZN.  This LINK will take you to the last distribution in June made by Athele and Estelle to Lion Park Informal Settlement.  If you listen to the latest Podcast from Leanne, Athele describes this distribution.

Third Quarter Distributions

There have been some third party distribution in July.  This video and other photos can be found in this new discussion.


A Note From A Forum Member

Blankets in the photos above are made by Mireille from France.

KAS Shop

Oh my goodness crafters it has been some time since I took time to see and speak to you all.  

Times are harder then usual in South Africa right now as there has been unrest, power outages, riots and a return to heavy lockdown in the wake of increased infection and Covid dangers.    Services and supplies are limited which worries me so.

Our shop needs your custom more than ever right now,  to try and help keep things moving and get our crafted gifts out to where they are needed.   Temperatures are very low and these vulnerable children need some sign of love and warmth in their lives.    It would marvellous when you stop by the KAS Shop to cover your customs handling fee if you could make an extra purchase to keep our cashflow healthy.    For a small amount you could purchase fruit for the children, or a basket of yarn to supply the Gogos....    Do take some time to browse our varied items, there is a LOT to see.    I'll pop off for now but will be stopping by the shop again soon.   Stay safe and remember every penny counts,                 

                             Aunt Nellie xx xx

The Barn

Activity has slowed down in The Barn this month due to the COVID Lockdown and the riots.  Please visit the discussion here to see some pictures from this month:


The Blanket Room

Patricia has been posting photos of the blanket cake at regular intervals.  Be sure to check out The Blanket Room for an eyeful of color and inspiration.


Castles and Picture Squares

Episode 11 Season 2

Marion Davies lives within sight of the historic Conwy Castle in North Wales and shares with us her passion for crocheting picture squares to incorporate into the beautiful blankets that get distributed to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

She also tells Leanne about an unfortunate craft-related injury she sustained and how she manages to avoid further disruptions in her crocheting of squares. We can all learn from her experience. To be unable to knit or crochet for an extended period is extremely frustrating, especially when you see photographs of what others are producing on the forum!

 Episode 12 Season 2

In this episode, Athelé tells us about three distributions that she and Estelle managed to do before the latest level four lockdown occurred. Blankets, beanies, hand warmers and toys were handed out to vulnerable children in the settlements of Hammanskraal and Lion Park on behalf of our generous knitters around the world.

Much of the focus in the conversation is on what it feels like to be caught between one’s own comfortable lifestyle and the suffering of others. This is a “slice of life” episode, providing a window on the many difficulties our volunteers have to contend with and what, ultimately, makes the work so rewarding.

A Reminder...

Our Umbrella Theme for 2021 is ….. FUN


Our children in South Africa have so little, and they have endured even more difficulties in 2020. Wouldn’t it be great if we could not only send them warmth, but a little FUN too?


So let us in 2021, with our needles, hooks, yarn, appliqués and imaginations, send...

Fun squares, hats, hand warmers and toys from our 

Unstoppable, creative members, who want to help 

Nurture vulnerable children in South Africa by sharing warmth and love and bring a little FUN into their lives.

August Theme

Va Va Voom Variegated 

and Spectacular Stripes

COM August

New Members

Squares List

The JUNE Squares List is available.

Monthly totals:

During June  we recorded 221 parcels containing 10,976 squares, equal to 313 blankets.

Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

Please note: If you recently or a couple of months ago, have sent a parcel, it will arrive, however, because of Covid-19 the worldwide postal system is not yet working as it should be, moreover, there is a Lockdown level 4 in SA at the moment,  so don't worry that your parcel will have gone astray. In the past it sometimes has taken months before parcels arrived and it seldom happens in 10 years that parcels went missing.
Please keep on making squares, handwarmers, hats and toys for our vulnerable children. Winter has arrived  in SA and it is bitterly cold during the nights. 


Please take a look at discussion page  "The Barn 2021" , if not yet recorded on the Squares List maybe you can spot your items there.

Here is the link:   http://www.forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-barn-2021



You will find our JUNE 2021 Squares List 


KAS Business Card

Wishing you had a business card to hand out when you are talking to someone about our squares?

Wanting to leave a little stack of cards in your local yarn shop or other places?

Here's a version of the KAS Business Card which you can download and print off at home – 10 cards per page. Business Card

KAS 10 Anniversary Series 

Chapter 2 - Global Contribution

Reflect on KAS's first ten years here:


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