• I've misplaced who it was that said they were challenged by reading patterns, but I wanted to say that I find some patterns I "get" and others I totally struggle with, even those that are proclaimed "simple".  So if you find one pattern isn't working, please try another. I printed off several nice crochet square patterns and did Mary Anne Lokken's chain-stitch square easily but the next one I struggled with. So I tossed that 2nd print out and went to a 3rd pattern, which is more complicated looking but I found it easier.  GO FIGURE.  I'm just saying our brains all work different ways and on different days they can also work different ways! I can vouch for that one.  Just don't give up.  Whatever you can do is GREAT in knitting or crocheting.  Power on girls, power on. (and guys if there's any!)

  • Hi Gloria.  I've been inspired by this month's Snippets to start doing some more squares. i got sidetracked by health issues for a bit but I'm bouncing back I think. I decided to do some black squares. I can feel the next holes to go into for crochet, even if I can't always see them with black yarn. Well....I forgot one thing.  I'VE GOT A WHITE CAT!  I have decided to postpone picking out every single white hair that just floats onto the yarn and square by magic until I'm finished. I was doing 1 stitch, stop to pick out hairs, repeat to end of row, which wasn't very thrilling for me.  And this happens when the cat isn't even in the room! I got some black on black, washable, sparkle yarn, so it'll give the kids a bit of subdued bling and might make it easier for me when crocheting to see the yarn.  I'll let you know if the squares actually turn out black or grey (black plus white cat hairs!).  Seriously I will pick the white hairs out...well most of them.  

    • Haha ... Jeanne, you do make me giggle.  I'm picturing you knitting away - knit 1, pick out 1, knit 3, pick out 2 ... Your white kitty just wants to be a part of it all :)))  Your black sparkly yarn sounds lovely and will add a touch of class to the children's blankets!

      I'm sorry to learn you've had health issues again, my dear.  I hope you are well recovered now ... xo

      • Well I'm on chemo but I'm tolerating it well. Much to hubby's delight I've lost my voice (laryngitis probably). I've been froggy in the throat and coughing since last summer's forest fires. Finally the coughing is going but my voice gave out. He's on hearing aids at the best of times so charades it is.  He's finding it lovely and quiet around here and is quite amused.  Yeeesh.  I'm just delighted that the fluid (lymphodema) in my left arm has retreated enough that I can now type with two hands again. For a while I could not crochet or write and I'm left-handed, but we've fought our way back this far. YAAAY!  Now I'm off to do some more crochet. :D

        • Jeanne, I sympathise with what you're going through, and I so admire your positive approach. I finished my chemo in January and thankfully it has been successful, so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel! I'm still not back to full strength, but am so happy I can knit and crochet again, after a few weeks of not being able to.  Stay strong!

          • Thank you Lesley for letting me know that some loss of strength is expected.  I've been a bit wobbly today and that explains it.  :) Definitely "staying strong".  

        • I'm sorry to hear that you have health issues again. Jeanne......but you are always such a trooper!!!...finding the positives in everything. Like Glo, you do make me giggle.

          From one left hander to go girl !!

          • Thank you Bev.  I was writing, rather "interestingly" with my right hand for a while then one finger typing on this computer but there's always a way to do things eh?  It's good to be back here again after a fair time away.  I am finding that crocheting is doing my left hand and arm more good than the physiotherapy exercises. I thought it might!  Onwards! 

  • Bonjour à toutes les tricoteuses d'Afrique du Sud et du monde entier,

    Je reçois la lettre chaque mois mais hélas ne lisant pas couramment l'anglais je n'arrive pas à traduire en français même en cliquant chaque fois sur toujours traduire en français. Je suis frustrée de ne pouvoir lire vos nouvelles passionnantes.

    Amitié à toutes et tous et pensées affectueuses aux enfants

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