This year we are focusing on providing for the children in the 3 - 9 year age range.  We currently hold enough baby clothes stock, however, we do still need the wonderful KasCuddle!

MAILING : We are now able to reply via email when your parcels are opened!  Please include your email address, with your name, address and list of contents.  We will continue to post the Square Lists on the KAS website.



Pastel PJ by Wendy PJs by Maria Teresa 3 PJs by Wendy 5 lime and turquoise by Anne P Pile of PJs by Mary Striped PJ by Maudie  PJ by Claire 14 PJs by Stitch Witches 2 PJs Paola

As always, SQUARES are what KAS needs the most as they have a double function of providing warmth at night all the year-round, and, folded double, can worn as a coat during the winter months during the day.


TAILS - Through experience it has been found that we only need a 'tail' of 50cm (20 inches) - We would appreciate it if the tails could be neatly butterflied and laid on top of the square.


LITTLE ENDS - It would also be very helpful if the little starting tail/thread and all other ends are sewn into the edges before posting. This would save valuable sewing time for our teams of sewers. [Please avoid cutting little ends as some squares have unraveled, even with gentle handling.]  Also with the ends safely sewn into the edge, there are no temptations for little nimble fingers!


PACKING -  Please send the squares flat with the tails neatly wound or butter flied on top of the square, and, if at all possible packed in groups of 5 or 10.  [Folded or rolled squares take a long to time flatten out and sort.]  There is no longer any need to mark or separate wool from other yarns as previously.

CREATIVITY We welcome squares of all colours, yarns, textures, plain or with designs - they all come together to create beautiful blankets that immeasurably lift the spirits of the children!  The children adore bright colours, especially luminous ones - look out for these in bargain yarn baskets!  However, squares made from the remnants of previous projects are perfectly acceptable and welcome! 

For further inspiration, please go to the Photo tab on the Forum.

GARMENTS - Practical Garments

January 2013 WINTER DRIVE - KAS Go-Over Green Blue Black Vest Jumper 5 Made by my Mother   Chunky Jumper 19 2 vests2012 December - Ensemble

We now have an official KAS Pattern Book available on the Patterns tab on the Forum.  From our experience of the past few years we have found that the garments in the pattern book have been found to be the most practical, useful and suitable for the children.  We will be adding to the book and many of the current garments were developed by our own members!


YARN - please use yarn (either wool, acrylic, bamboo or cotton) which is soft to touch, particularly for vests or garments worn next to tender skin.

See Grace's Ribbed Vest which is stretchy and makes it great for growing kids, plus it has very comfortable but sturdy shoulder straps.  


SLIP-OVERS - these garments should definitely be made in soft, yielding yarn as they are either worn directly against the skin or are stretched over other items for added warmth.  They can be made thicker (with two strands of yarn) and warmer by using larger needles. 

HATS OR BEANIES – generally we have found that it is better if adult sized are produced, especially as this year our focus will be The Year of the Older Child.  Please bear in mind that some of the children wear their hair in dreadlock styles therefore a large size is imperative!

T-SWEATER - has be re-sized please see the KAS Pattern Book for Zanny's T-Sweater pattern this has become a great favourite of knitters around the globe and we would very much appreciate it if you can spread the word so that the new, more practical, size is produced. The garment is now longer than it is wide as the length is more comfortable and covers any stomach that is distended.

Also the children very much appreciate garments with generous arm movement allowance and our original Go-Over  (knitted or crocheted) fits the bill exactly and still remains one of our most important garments.  Crocheters might like to try Mary's Chain Stitch Hexagon Jacket which has turned into another favourite with the children.

JUMPERS, JERSEYS, PULLOVERS OR SWEATERS - the main thing with these garments is to ensure that the neck opening is wide enough to comfortably fit when worn by the children.  To this end we have been encouraging  patterns that have a wide or slit neck opening.  A beautiful example can be seen on the Forum Photo tab knitted by Wendy's Mum.



We love these! Please keep knitting them. Both knitted and crocheted versions are available in the KAS Pattern Book, just click on the Patterns tab on the menu bar on the Forum.


Knit-a Square, Private Bag X900, PO Bryanston 2021, South Africa

Please send all of items to the above address. Link to Postal Instructions



Please ensure that NO VALUE, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE and FOR CHARITY ONLY is written on your custom labels and parcels.  We have to pay a small mandatory handling fee on any boxes, therefore, if your squares will fit comfortably, please send them in a package rather than a box.


OTHER ITEMS or SLIP-INs - please remove price tags, clips or bar codes to avoid KAS having to pay customs duty!

TOYS - SOFT & CUDDLY – go down an absolute treat as you will see from the photos on the Forum Photo tab - see lots of pics of the children not only wearing their new blankets and garments, but avidly clutching their new cuddly toys!


UNDERGARMENTS - such as singlet’s, vests, knickers and panties are super slip-ins!  Again, ages 3 - 10 years in all items are particularly useful for winter distribution.


SOCKS - are extremely popular with the children be they purchased or knitted.


STATIONERY - pencils, erasers, sharpeners and ball point pens are most welcome. 


PLASTIC RAIN PONCHOS - we will use every rain poncho sent for the children in the informal shack settlements. The rain comes in deluges and everyone in a shack would be saturated during a rain storm. The ponchos will be used during summer and winter to stay dry inside and outside.  


POSTERS - fun or educational are welcomed by crèches and nurseries to adorn the walls and provide added interest for the children.  Preferably send in cardboard tubes with the usual message of No Commercial Value etc.,





As always KAS needs your donations, even just a small amount of money per month makes a big difference. Here is the link to our donations page. Every cent is used in South Africa to allow Ronda and our amazing volunteers continue distributing the blankets, hats and garments.

On the front page of the Forum you may use Subscribe to send a monthly amount, or, Donate to send any amount as and when you wish. Here is the link to the Forum front page


As has been said in the past, thank you for your patience in reading these operational instructions, but please remember these are only guidelines, but they do make the sorting process in South Africa easier and more efficient.  They are not meant to be rigid rules so do please send your goods anyway as nothing is ever wasted!

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