This is a well run community centre as it turned out... combining help for pre- schoolers, local children and local gogo groups. Our directions were somewhat "iffy " and we spent an hour going backwards and forwards along the road on which we were expecting to find our contacts, before noticing ( just as we were about to give up the struggle), a woman who was pointing to the signage on the KASvan( we LOVE this van !!) Sure enough, it was the person who had been sent to try and find US- doing her best under difficult circumstances. As we have said before, to someone who has never driven a motor vehicle, giving sensible road directions is a mysterious business !!

We had noticed, during our hour of meandering back and forth, a police roadblock, cameras and all, which had been set along the main road.... through which we passed at least three times in both directions ! We amused ourselves with thoughts of how the police looking at the film footage later in the day, might be shaking their heads and wondering whether they needed to check out the driver of the dodgy vehicle which seemed to have THEM under surveillance !!!

As it transpired we drove quite far past Kagiso to a new area known as Rietfontein.... very poor despite evidence of government RDP housing schemes in the area - now lacking maintenance and looking run down

We catered for 60 kids in all.... initially we could see only 20 or so little ones, but suddenly we noticed what seemed like HUNDREDS of schoolchildren standing outside .... of all ages ! We were assured that they numbered only 60 or so, but it looked more like 100 which was a little embarrassing from a supply point of view.

However, a good- natured arrangement was made there an then for "leaders " to collect more blankets later on in the year from Lindi/ Wandi in Chiawelo. Pre - planning isn't always possible in circumstances where there are so many needs - we have come to

understand that over the years.

As we were preparing to leave, a large bus arrived with dozens of gogos on it.... they enjoyed having their photographs taken but seemed disappointed to have missed most of the fun !

So many more crèches are bring run in this area....and they are now on the ever-growing  "distribution list "!!


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  • So glad to hear that there were so many recipients and potential recipients.  Also, wonderful to see so many gogos.

  • Thank you

  • Thanks Sharon......needles are clicking.  :))

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