KasSnippets - NOVEMBER 2015


Thebulisha - Green Village

Green Village is on the way to Tshepisong which we know quite well now, but still we managed to get hopelessly lost on the way there!

Lindi had arranged this distribution with the help of Sibongile, who works with the children at Thubelisha and had come across one of Lindi’s Tshepisong sewing groups - that's the way it happens !!!!

Thebulisha - Green Village


Christmas Shopping?

Help a Child, Honor a Loved One

If you, like some of us, are scratching your head trying to come up with a meaningful gift idea for a special someone who is lucky enough to have everything, please remember those who aren't.  

You can buy a gift for one less fortunate, or make a donation to Knit-a-Square S.A. in the name of that special someone.

Visit our KAS Shop for some terrific ideas.



Here's a tip for making hats for the children the right size:  

If it fits your head, it's the right size.  

So why not try it on before you send it off!



The virtual Van is puttering along and has turned another corner while the real Van has been involved in many distributions.  For one of the distributions, Thebulisa the Green Village, the Van added many miles and used up quite a bit of fuel to find that distribution spot!

To add your squares to help the virtual Van move closer to the Office Please  CLICK HERE



OPENING DAY 10th November ... the entire post.

SOMEWHERE in Johannesburg there must be a massive pile of our parcels. We have called around other branch POs, without luck. The main PO never answers, even its emergency line ... hardly surprising as there are a LOT of angry people searching for their parcels so close to Christmas. 



As you know, Ronda and her team keep us all in the loop when it comes to receiving and distributing our work.

In case you missed any of the pictures, you can find them here in





to find an incredible assortment of beautiful blankets assembled by our volunteers ... including this one, made from Heather's wonderful flag squares.  WOW!



Check out our


Oceans, Land, Sky, Space

hosted by Valerie Zalewski - France

Creations of every color, shape, and description depicting everything in, on, and around our beautiful world!

Here's a tiny sample ...


And ...
Watch for our last theme of 2015
DECEMBER'S Year End UFOs, Stash Busters, Plain Janes, Easy Peezies and other Favorites
to be Hosted by Susan Haines - USA

For those of you who like to be on the mark and set to go when the calendar flips, here are our


Thank you to everyone who participated in this discussion and to all those who have volunteered to host a month.  And thank you to Bev for getting it all organized.  Together we're going to COLOR THEIR WORLD!


The October Squares List is available. 

Visit  www.knit-a-square.com  Click on “Received Squares”  

Updated Graphs are available HERE


October saw 12,231 squares arrive in South Africa.  Although fewer squares than September, this is still a fabulous number. The Gogos will be able to make 349 blankets.  They will be busy sewing through the summer months in preparation for the cold weather.



Now that Christmas is approaching, those of us with children/grandchildren start thinking about toys.  For the children in South Africa the idea of having their own forever toy is an almost impossible dream. 

This is why Knit-a-Square strives to give soft toys to the children at distributions.


Imagine the anticipation in this boy’s heart when he sees other children receiving toys. 

Is he wondering:  “Is there enough ?” [Because in his life, there is never enough food or warmth]

The children are delighted to receive toys whether knitted, crocheted, sewn or purchased.

Did the boy in the first photo receive a soft toy ?

Of course ! Ronda had the perfect teddy bear just for him.

If there is extra space, a soft toy can be tucked in among the squares when sending your parcel.

Please look in the KAS Pattern Book or choose a favourite pattern of your own

[If you would rather not make a toy, charity shops are a great place to find soft toys in good repair.]



Edited by Gloria Grandy 





and her Mum


Read about this wonderful mother-daughter team here


Did you know we are also on Facebook?  

Here is the Link to Knit-a-Square Facebook page where you will find lots of photos, videos, information, and comments.

A Final Thought ...
... Why Don't We Listen to the Children ...
from a song by Isla Grant 

They are crying out for peace around the world
They are telling us to stop the hurt and pain
Their smiles can melt the coldest heart
Their tears can pull your world apart
Why don't we listen to the children

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  • Thank you so much Glo for this stunning edition. The links to the various subjects are great. The "A final thought" Glo, is very touching. xo for you.  

  • I just love the new improved KAS Shop,  lots of brand new stock.  I just sponsored a child and it didn't cost a fortune.  Snacks for a distribution next month, I think.  Many thanks for a much improved session of retail therapy   x

    • Glad you enjoyed your shopping Roz :-)

  • What a superb report Gloria...THANK you!  I particularly feel my heartstrings tugged by the look on that little boy's face as he holds his white soft teddy.  To be able to put a look like that on a child's face, what greater blessing can one have?  Gives me tears, it's so wonderful to be involved in this, to truly reach out and help them.   I am full of hope now this new head of the Post Office is rolling up his sleeves. I hope he is very inspired and soon gets things rolling again for the blessing of everyone, the general publc, our ladies and the children.

    Those 3 gazing at that purple owl (?) is such a charmer too. They look delighted beyond words for such a simple gift.  Couldn't we all take lessons from them eh?  Thank you for such great photos, it's lightened my heart.  :)

    And I will make danged sure when I next loom up a hat, that it's a little smaller than my large cranium so it fits the children well and doesn't slip off or let cold breezes in. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Thanks for taking on this task Gloria - the Snippets updates are invaluable.

  • Great updates and well done Pam for doing the snippets for such an incredible period, wow.  I look forward to the next one and Gloria's input.

  • Thank you for a great wrap of news Gloria. Thank you too for taking over the job.

    • Great Snippets Gloria Thank you so much !

  • A wonderful read, Glo!  Thank you for the parting thought that we can carrry in our hearts as we go about our preparations for celebrating Christmas.

  • Congratulations Gloria, excellent job, great read, thanks for all your hard work. :))
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