• A loving song from the heart. 

  • WOW!  I just looked and it's now over 3,300 views!!!!  Thank you, everyone, for watching and sharing.  But most of all, thank you for making 8" squares! xo

    • Great news ! The Song is a wonderful pick me makes my hook move even faster :-)
      • That is super, lucky are we all that you found (and your family) have taken 'spreading the word' to a whole new level......very inspirational!!!! Linda has said, just makes our needles/hooks  move faster.  xo

  • WONDERFUL song with adorable lyrics + TENDERNESS + HOPE ... & JOYFUL music!!!! Voices are really GREAT !!!

    BRAVO !!!!!!

    It makes me feel like I NEED a ball of yarn RIGHT NOW to make AS MANY 8" squares as possible !!! *^_^*

    Thank you very much for such an amazing work, I will share it again & again <3

    God bless you, your family & KAS! 

  • The video is popular with my friends.  The other day, Judy phoned me.  As soon as I said 'Hello', she started singing the KAS Song !   Great fun for us both :-)

  • Information worth sharing ...

    ... our Stephanie (the beautiful lady in the video) works full-time, still has young family at home, looks after that unruly guitar player (LOL) and says she hasn't picked up knitting needles since she was a child, but has now started knitting squares !!!  Way to go, Sheph :)) xo

    • Thanks for the info !  Wonderful to have another pair of hands :-)

  • I just can't tell you how happy we are that the Knit-a-Square Song/Video is circulating as well as it is.  Keep sharing ... everybody!  KAS and 8-inch-square WILL become household words!!!  xo

  • Another friend, emailed to say :

    The music video for KAS I picked up from your face book. I love it. The message is beautiful in its self … and the video carries something else, some special effect … I feel truly happy and uplifted each time I play it!

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