• hello Grace i have read your pattern and can you tell me

    what KB1 is I cant think what it is unless it is knit through back of stitch

    will you let me know

    all my love LIZ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Liz... yesKB1 is to knit in the backof the stitch... its a very easy rib pattern so hope you will like it too!xx

    • Hi Liz,

      KB1 is definitely Knit into the back of the stitch (I have made Grace's vest pattern before).  If you take a look at the notes at the end of the pattern Grace has also noted it there.

      Have fun with the pattern, it is a lovely one to make.

  • I assume this is made in double knitting weight yarn.  If not, please let me know

    Judith jones

    • Hi Judith... yes I usually make this in double knitting weight or you could use two strands of 4 ply knitted together which will give the same thickness...Hope this helps.

      • Hi Grace,

        Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that 2 of your vests are pictured in the recent Amahle and Cloverdene distribution photo's on the KAS Facebook page?  They look good!

  • In case any of you have trouble accessing that document, here is the translation of it:  Thank you Grace!!! xoxoxoxo

    Pattern for Ribbed slip-over  by Grace Weir



    Using size 5 ½ mm needles cast on 53 sts.

    Work two rows in Knit stitch.

    Commence ribbed pattern as follows:

    Row 1    Knit

    Row 2    Purl 2, Kb1, Purl 2  (continue to end of the row)

    Continue with these 2 rows for 15 inches.

    Knit 15, turn, and knit for 3  inches in garter stitch

    Cast off these 15 sts.

    Join the wool to remaining stitches on the needle and cast off 23 sts (for neck opening)

    Continue to knit across remaining 15  sts in garter stitch  on the other shoulder.

    Work the front to match.

    Join garment at the shoulder seams.

    Join side seams for 10 inches leaving 5 inches at the top for the armhole.

    Abbreviation:  KB1  = knit into the back of the next stitch

    Garter stitch = knit every stitch



    You can make this garment in other sizes.

    The rib pattern can be worked with any multiples of 3 stitches PLUS 2 extra


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