The KAS Shop is an integral part of keeping KAS alive to provide help for the children in South Africa.   The funds raised through purchases from the KAS Shop are greatly needed to help cover expenses such as The Barn rent, the postal collection charges, fuel for the KAS van and the stipend for the Gogo's for each blanket sewn up.

A massive outgoing from the KAS funds is the mandatory customs and handling fee of $3.75US per parcel.    This is a charge the South African Customs and Excise enforce no matter what size of parcel is collected.   Therefore it is an ongoing regular outlay, and it is vital this proportion of expense is supported to keep our crafting flowing to where it is needed most.

Donations are most welcome whether they are as you can afford them, or by setting up a monthly donation.    Both are easily arranged by pressing the Donate button to the right of the Main Page in the Forum, or by making a purchase from our well stocked KAS Shop full of fundraising departments.  

Remember 100% of every KAS Shop purchase goes directly to KAS......and every penny counts!!    Thank you X


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  • 10889573278?profile=RESIZE_710xHellooo everyone !!    I've dropped in here to remind our members that the annual subscription fee to Weebly for the upkeep of our store is due.   Our funds need your support as the amount needed is substantial.  

    A discussion has been raised for you members which suggests we each Purchase A Square For Our KAS Shop........   Please stop by and buy a square if you can.............Auntie Nellie xx xx 10889574673?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • 10865687076?profile=RESIZE_710x

    I've stopped by today to promote the note cards in the KAS Shop.   There is a terrific unique selection of different designs and themes which could have multiple uses.   The prices are really reasonable, and every $ spent goes directly to help the children in South Africa.

    Please stop by the shop and have a look for yourself,  

    Auntie Nellie xx xx

  • 10837756463?profile=RESIZE_710xHi everyone - I've stopped by today to remind you that our KAS Shop values your support!

    There are some superb items available starting at low prices, which if you could spare a few dollars on, would make all the difference to our cause.   Why not help the Gogos by purchasing a small basket of yarn for as little as $5 for example...........

    As always covering the postal handling fee is an appreciated donation too.   The mail is flowing quite smoothly at present, and this payment ensures our parcels can be forwarded when they are needed regularly.

    Thanks for your interest crafters.   Take Care,   Auntie Nellie xx

  • Among the wool I inherited from Pat there was 10-12 balls of eyelash style wool, which given the amount, I didn't know what to make with, so I've sold it for £10.    I'm on my way to try + find Auntie Nellie at the shop to buy some goodies to benefit our cause.   Pat would certainly have approved..... ♥️

  • 10803124500?profile=RESIZE_710xHi-de-hi crafters!!   How are you all.......?    I've stopped by today to promote the African Animal Flashcards that are available in the KAS Shop for $5.    These cards are excellent for helping children learn in at least 2 ways, as they're great for teaching and encouraging letter recognition, and for learning about some of the terrific animals that live on our planet.   

    Any spends in the shop help maintain the aid we can supply to needy youngsters in South Africa, so I'd appreciate if you could stop by when you can.   Thank you....... Auntie Nellie xx xx 

  • 10784449471?profile=RESIZE_710xCan I please draw everyone's attention to spending a little time and money in the KAS shop.....   There's a large variety of ways we can all help KAS by taking some time to peruse the stock and help the children.........

    The Gogo's can always do with some support in their endeavours by purchasing a basket of yarn for a small amount of dollars.   Our loose squares all need sewing together which takes time and money for their stipend, and possibly some yarn for the sewing job itself.

    Every penny counts and is very much appreciated.    Take care crafters - I hope to see one or two of you in the aisles soon

    Auntie Nellie xx xx

  • 10734570489?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Isn't it terrific that mail is flowing beautifully into The Barn, and that our makes are so speedily passed through the hands of the volunteers and on to the children who so need to feel our support.........

    It is terrific too that the Gogos are back sewing up our lovingly made squares, which means their stipend needs covering regularly once again.   I've stopped by today to encourage and remind everyone to support this system by paying their postage handling fees, and perhaps then pop an extra item or two into their basket to help provide more support.     Every penny counts.   Cheerio for now and Thank You All,

    Auntie Nellie xx xx


  • Hi - a while back I bought a copy of Gloria Gandy's Tunisian crochet booklet.  I cannot find it at all on my computer or in the chaos that is my craft room......... and I want to teach my KCG Branch on Thursday how to do Tunisian Crochet.  Can someone alert Gloria to my plea or direct me to buy a new copy


    • Hi Rebecca! Check your messages for a copy of the TC book.

      A. xoxoxo

  • Hey Aunt Nellie,

    Did you see the new photos from The Barn on May 31?


    Just look at all that fabulous yarn that our donations through the Shop were able to purchase for our volunteers and gogos to use when sewing together blankets.  Oooo-eeee!  That is so exciting and I can't wait to see more yarn arriving soon.

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