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Hi, y'all!  I was wondering if any of the groups (primarily US groups) would be willing to add some of my squares and hand warmers to their shipment.  I just looked at what it would cost to send all these squares and hand warmers.  (Yep, should have checked that before I started.)  It is quite expensive.  Is there a group, or some individuals who would like to form a group, to help out with this?


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  • Christine,

    I know the postage is expensive from the US since you can only send air mail.  Perhaps you should post your message in the USA Group in case there is someone living near you with the same problem.  Larger parcels cost less per pound to mail, so finding someone (or several people) to help make up a large shipment might cut down on expenses.

  • Christine have you looked under 'groups' see above

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