• Wow!!! A lovely collection of colours and patterns, Simona.  :))

    Thanks for posting the pic, Eva. Would you be able to post this photo in the 'photos' section please, so that more people will see it.  :))

    • HI Bev,  I can surely post it in the Photos section. Do you mean: the main page - at the bottom - add picures?

      • Ooh, I'm not sure....I usually click on the 'photo' tab located at the top of every page and follow the prompts from there....have never tried the way you are suggesting......bearing in mind that I am techno

        • OK, thank you Bev. I have always ignored the Photos button...I had no idea what is it for. I am going to give it a try....Thank you.

          • Bright and beautiful blanket just what is needed!

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