Make it in May Challenge

Let's put Make it in May into context! 

Most of the blankets we now distribute include at least one, two or more squares, in between the ‘plain jane' (garter or plain crochet) squares that are creative, embroidered, striped, patterned, appliqued, initialed, sequined, beaded, buttoned, ribboned, multi-yarned, multi-coloured or just exquisitely made.  It is incredible how these squares lift the whole blanket into a work of great beauty.  Knit-a-square works on lots of levels, but importantly it is democratic because no one blanket is more beautiful than another. All our made by squares which are warm, cosy and have just that little bit of beauty and creativity to make the blanket unique and special to its owner.  These squares are the best way to personalise the blankets for our children. 

Last year the challenge was to challenge yourself to try something new  -  a new stitch, learn to crochet if you knit and knit if you crochet, try dyeing your own yarn or  search out new yarns (we are told you can buy from people’s stashs on Ravelry – bound to be some great yarns available)

You can go to Zina’s blog ( and try some of the designer squares, especially designed for knit-a-square by Diana Troldahl, Lucy Neatby and Kristeen Griffen-Grimes.  Also there are lots of ideas and patterns in both ravelry and in the forum.  Don’t forget to share your patterns, ideas for decorations and photographs with the rest of us and to let us know what you are challenging yourself to do this month.  

Come on everyone, let’s Make it in May!   Cheers! Kalai and Sandy

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  • My 'make it may' project has not really been 'make it in may,' more like 'finish making it in may', as I have dozens of tiny, 3-4 inch crocheted granny squares that I started making when I was first learning to crochet about two years ago. I intended on making them into a blanket but it never happened, and they are so small that I really shudder to think of sewing them all together.

    So for May, I have been adding boarders around them to bring them up to 8 inches and while I am making up the boarder pattern on the fly and they are a tad bit 'wobbly' and not perfectly straight, they do straighten out by the end and once they are sewn together with other squares they will stretch out and sit flat. They are working out very well and I'm glad to have finally found a good use for them, as well as stretching my crocheting 'comfort zone' out of just the Plain Jane squares.
    • Well Kyla, in your case it's a "make it into something in May" project, which I think is perfectly acceptable. We've all got UFO's lying around (unfinished objects) that need turning into something and I'm sure no matter what shapes they are, wobbly or not, they'll beat my triangle hats! (try not to remember those...please, lol)
      • my brother and I always did the dishes together after dinner, I would wash and he would dry and then I would put away the things he couldn't reach (but now he's taller than me so it's a different story) the reason we had this system was that he really really hated what we called the UFO's (unidentified floating . objects) that were those little waterlogged bits of food in the sink that suddenly brushed past your hands under water that you didn't see coming. Now I always think of UFO's as slimy bits of noodles or broccoli or whatever it was we had for dinner.

        I'm impressed with how fast these little granny squares are coming together - I remember that when I was making them, it took me about half an hour to make each of the 3-inch pieces, and now bringing them up to size is going very quickly - I suppose its a mix between the fact that all the fiddly little work in the center is done, and also that I've picked up speed and don't have to keep stopping to refer to a pattern over and over.

        and PS - my midwife predicts that this baby is coming any day now, and will very likely be here by her due date at the end of the week.
        • SO excited for you Kyla. Good luck this week. Can't wait to see pics of baby Cordelia x x x
        • Yay! I'm sure you'll do great. Looking forward to the pictures!

          Feel free to email me if you have any questions or are in need of a second (or third or fourth) opinion. :o)
        • All the best Kyla for whenever she makes her appearance. Remember to let yourself be pampered, especially those first 6 weeks and nap whenever the baby naps.

          My kids slept through the night (about 6.5 hours) at 6 weeks and that is my wish for you - or perhaps even earlier! Mostly I just wish you a wonderful birthing/support team and the ability to always remember the very best parts for the rest of your life. Those first weeks seem to fly by.

          Don't feel a need to go and visit people unless you want the outing and don't let them visit you unless you are up for it. And do NOT let anyone wake the baby during a visit. (Seriously, trust me on this one. My kids are 13 and older so I have a bit of experience here! :) If the baby is sleeping the visitor can look quietly at the sleeping baby and come back another time.

          Looking forward to hearing from you, whenever you feel up to it. And of course, lovely photos when you have them to share.
          • Kyla you must be counting down the hours, to think very soon that gorgeous baby will be in your loving arms. I wish you all the best, not sure about UFOs but there might be the odd stork flying about.

            Love Linda.x (sending you energy thoughts)
        • Oh lovely that the babe is due so soon, and of course we're all waiting for pictures too...of the new mommy looking just "tremendous" after labour, lol, holding her little angel. :) Of course sometimes it's more tactful to just photo the babe in her crib and leave mom out of it til she feels more photogenic.

          Interesting how fast those little squares are coming together. I too, find the centers of most squares very fiddly and time consuming to do, unless I've got it memorized. Way to go on getting it done. I imagine it will go a LOT slower once your little addition arrives. :)
          • Ah yes, but there is also the "proud Mommy glow" that makes up for it all. :o)
        • That's good Kyla - the worst bit is the overtime.
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