You might ask yourself: "what is a variegated square?" A variegated square is a square made from variegated yarn and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has the following explanation:

"Variegated yarn is yarn dyed with more than one colour. It can produce effects that vary depending on the technique of the crafter, the pattern used or the frequency of colour change. These effects include "flashing" (lightning-bolt effects) and "pooling" (patchy or marbleized effects). Some yarns (known as self-striping yarns) are designed to produce stripes when used to knit small items such as socks or mittens."


It is also known as a term that can describe several different types of color variations in yarn:

  • Ombre yarn
  • Space-dyed yarn
  • Dip-dyed yarn
  • Kettle-dyed yarn
  • Self-striping yarn
  • Striated yarn
  • Heathered yarn
  • Tweed yarn


I am fascinated by how many differenct coloured squares you can make from one ball of yarn:


And the colours of yarn available to us KASers today:


If you, like myself, enjoy knitting and crocheting your squares in front of the TV and if you are more of a "Plain Jane" square type of person, then variegated yarn is perfect for you.


Now all you have to do is sit back and relax with our May challenge and let the yarn "do the talking" - enjoy!


Please post photos of your squares here and on the photo page.


A huge Thank You to Mary Kristel Lokken for posting our photos on Flickr - here is the link:


Just a reminder:  Please securely butterfly  a 20”/50 cm tail to each square, to help the sewers in South Africa.

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  • Beautiful contributions by Gillian Staines :)


    May challenge 4

    May challenge 5

  • epDM-4cyCJmYxrZ04j0bmxC334h.jpg

    Just one more.....

  • epDM-5kchq9mzki1320wuwwhXoA.jpg

    Finally finished!  Made with Caron Super Soft.

  • 4 beautiful squares by Jenine Nash :)


    May 2013 Challenge

  • My last minute contribution to this months challenge ( I know there are more squares somewhere but these are the ones that made the photo op!)  Thanks Gitta for all you do! 2930203756?profile=original



    I hade a whole free evening so I thought I would try this pattern to extend my crochet skills a bit more. I actually didn't do it quite right but it's turned out ok anyway! And the variegated yarn is lovelyl!

  • Jumper no 5 and 6 knitted by Maria Wells - Burr :)


    5th Jumper for Kas

    6th Jumper for Kas

  • I guess I got into making hats the last few days of this challenge...

    11 hats made from variegated yarns, and some not variegated yarns too!



  • Ilse McLean's very cute Teddy :)


    May challenge - Little Brown Bear

  • Heather Mensah's Winter Warmer no 24 !!!!


    May 2013 Heather's Winter Warmer 24

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