• Well, a little late and not yet sewn onto the blanket I made them for, but here is my contribution so far to zoom...... depending on the direction of the wind, of course!

    There will be others along these lines, so zoom will be continuing for a while at my house.......

    • What a simple but extemely fun idea!   Bravo!

      • Aww, they are GORGEOUS, bright and cheery!!

        Like you, I am running very late and will have to finish the set I have started and leave the much ambition, so little time.  :((

  • May 2020 Theme - Vroom Vroom

    Jet planes....actually a pretty powder blue, red and gold.

    • Fabulous jets Bev!    Not many folk use navy but I think it is so smart and goes well with almost anything tone-wise.

    • Oh I just love the jets Bev and of course the colours are perfect. 

  • Wow Sandra your blanket is amazing.

    • Oh my goodness, Sandra....TOTALLY STUNNING blanket.  :))

  • Thanks Bev, we saw lots of incredible squares and blankets.
  • Oh my goodness, this blanket is unbelievable. You talent and creativity leave me speechless. This blanket is so incredible, I hope the entire creche gets to appreciate all of these vehicles that go Vroom- Vroom.
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