• Hi Nola


    Welcome to the Forum!!

    If you look at the Menu Bar at the top of this and any page, you will see a tab Helpful Hints.  Click on that to get the drop-down menu.

    For information on getting around in the forum, click on HOW DO I? - TIPS ON USING THE FORUM.

    For other information about making and sending squares, click on Frequently Asked Questions

    I think you will find answers to your questions in these two discussions.

    If you still have questions, click on Discussions in the Menu Bar, Scroll down to Questions, Answers and Help and post your question.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but you will soon be navigating the Forum like an old pro.  So glad you have joined us.



    • Happy to have joined, I love knitting and it's nice to know it will help the children instead of just making things for the sake of it then piling it all up in the closet.

      • Hi Nola.

        Welcome to KAS....from over here in Western Australia.

        So glad to hear you like knitting for the children.....I do, too.

        Yes, the forum can be tricky when you are first getting started, but please persevere and follow Anne's helpful will make great friends and have a good laugh, while helping the children who need all the help they can get.

        Happy knitting.  :))

        • Thank you Bev....lucky girl you must be nice and warm in your part of the world, we are freezing here

          in Canada, then again that's why I love to knit, too cold to do anything else..

          • The end of last week we had a bit of a heatwave (a taste of the summer we'll have, perhaps) but now this week it has been more bearable during the day and the evenings/mornings very mild.

            I have a sister (and her family)  in B.C. (Canada) although at the moment she is in the UK on holidays.

            Just took a look at your hats.....NICE!!!!!!!

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