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Please note:  some of the patterns below are older and do not include instructions for leaving tails.

Ronda has requested that we now leave a 50cm/20" tail for sewing squares together. Please butterfly the tail to the square.  Instructions for this and an illustration can be found at



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  • One more square that I didn't get a chance to try on my last blanket.

    Dotz Square

    Multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. As a guide using 4mm needles and 8 ply yarn, I started with 39 stitches.

    I also put a border around my square (8 rows knit stitch and beginning and end, and 4 stitches either side). You can do the square without this though and the pattern will still work.

    If doing with a border begin with 8 knit rows. (I have not added the K4 stitches at start and end of each row so if doing with the border allow for this at the start and finish of each row).

    Now, first row only either with or without border, purl.

    Row 1. K3, P1 ending with a K3

    Row 2. Purl

    Row 3. K1 P1, K3 P1 ending with a P1 K1

    Row 4. Purl

    Work til 8 inches (20 cm). finishing with a purl row. (or If doing the border, allow for the extra 8 knit rows)

    Knit 8 rows.

    Cast off.


    • A beautiful square Wendy -  another one for my list X. Thank you.

      • LOVE this square, Wendy!! I had another one of your more recent ones on my 'short list', but this one may just jump ahead....hahaha.

    • Another pretty square, Wendy!As you might have seen on the forum, I habe been trying some of your square patterns.Thank you for the very detailed instructions!

      • Looking good Rachel, pretty colours. Glad you are trying some of these. I do love the challenge of trying a new pattern.

    • What a beautiful square. I love the border and the textured center. This is a great pattern for highlighting the lovely color of a PJ/single color square.  And the textured dots trap air and give extra warmth.  Right now my left arm is wonky or I'd be very very tempted to try this. Stuck with crochet, which is also lovely,  but I'm going to keep an eye on this one. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  • 10176667695?profile=RESIZE_710xHello Expert Knitters! 

    I have a mystery to solve.  I made the square shown and have misplaced the pattern. I'm pretty sure I would have found it here on the KAS site. Does anyone recognize the pattern and if so, could you kindly post the pattern instructions for me?

    Thank You!


    • Hi Brenda.  Is it 'Jane's square' on page one of this discussion? They look very similar.  :))

      • I'd agree it is that square, but the colour change has been done every second K3, P3 row to give the effect you achieved on yours years ago Brenda.......AND looking closely your version seems to be K2, P2,    Kx

        • Thank you Karen.  Like I said, you ladies are expert knitters to be able to figure that out! :)


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