This was our first visit to the area known as Eikenhof - far south of

Johannesburg and east of Soweto proper.

We had been introduced to the area by our volunteer driver, Joel, who brings Lindi, Wandi (and now Mabel) to KAS volunteer days every Tuesday.  He doesn't live in Eikenhof, but has many contacts there through his church.

The arrangement is for Joel to (kindly) collect Wandi from the other end of Soweto and meet me on the Nasrec offramp going south east.

We are used to getting lost, but this time it was my fault COMPLETELY ... and I was made to eat humble pie.

I brought Oti along with me and we were chatting so hard I took the wrong offramp ... however Joel was very patient and back-tracked to find us so that he could lead the rest of the way.

I did recognise one part - we drove straight past Nkosi's Haven where we had distributed blankets in 2010.  Those beautiful, fully completed blankets were collected in Philadelphia at a concert of the Soweto Gospel Choir, organised by KAS member Debbie Postmontier and others.  The SG choir members were presented with the blankets on stage at the end of their performance by Debbie and her team; they wrapped them around their shoulders and sang something special (sorry for this memory !!!) ... then brought them home to SA if I recall correctly.  And we distributed them to Nkosi's - perhaps the most well-known (and among the first) care home for orphaned and vulnerable children set up by Carol Johnston.  Google will have the details .... it's a beautiful story of the courage shown by 11 year old  Nkosi in disclosing his status in public.

We are off the track again .....

Miracle Daycare is run by Tracy with help from Jane and others.  A group of municipal workers put down their tools and joined in the fun, too.

The children were friendly and relaxed and the teachers patient and kind - the two aspects go hand in hand and make for a happy experience always.

We spent the first 20 minutes exchanging the thumb-snaps accompanied by exclamations of "sharp-sharp" and at the end of it I discovered the children had nicknamed me "HAWA - YEEEEEUUUUUWWW"  !!!

Surely that's not how I sound when I say, "HI - HOW ARE YOU ?" !!!

Oti and Wandi collapsed in a fit of giggles when we started to leave and they all waved and shouted ...

"BYE - HAWA - YEEEEUUUUWWW" in unison !

 Ablution block - such a special effort, we thought!

A little yellow cupcake - adorable!

Lovely to see a teddy tucked into the top of this child's top

- loved already!

A KAS Cuddlebug being enjoyed ... and admired !!

 A nice group with the KAS banner in the background.  (We really do need to have more of these made in the new year!)

A real effort had been made in this otherwise extremely poor informal settlement area.  Can you see the little garden?

I rather liked the rearview mirror effect ...

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  • Lovely pictures.... such a warm feeling in this day and age when you hear much more "bad" than "good" news on the television reports....  I was reading your commentary and you mentioned a woman named Carol Johnston... I was a little taken aback.... Many years ago ( probably 30) there was a woman named Carol Johnston (she was a minister) who sewed, collected and distributed warm and dress clothing for children. I do not recall specifically what organization she worked with, but she lived in northern New Jersey at that time.  Back then I knitted/crocheted scarves and matching hats/ mittens for years for her, and delivered them to her house several miles away from me....... Is this the same Carol Johnston???  she would be quite elderly now..... just wondering!!!

  • Wow.  I was thinking just last evening, sitting in my small house how danged lucky I am....heat, light, sewage, electricity, a real Christmas tree, presents, even pets....seeing these kinds of photos really cements it home eh?  So glad you finally were able to get there. I too think your new nickname is quite amusing Ronda!  Trust kids to never leave us any dignity.

  •  "HAWA - YEEEEEUUUUUWWW"   - love it! The children from this centre must have inspiring teachers/carers in order chorus such a farewell!

    • A really heart warming report and everyone trying so hard. Good values for the children to be surrounded with. I am still hysterical about your name Ronda !   Delightful !

  • Thank you.

  • What a beautiful report. I am always so humbled by the way the people who run the daycare centres make so much from so little for the children.....wish JAM could visit each and every one of these centres and give them their special touch.

    I am proud to be part of KAS in bringing warmth and someone to love (teddy) to the children. 

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