• Hi Julie

    I have just moved this discussion into Members Personal blogs and sent a message to your Inbox

  • PS Julie - I got so carried away trying to tell you about posting in the tally, that I forgot to mention your scarves and squares.  What a great contribution!!  Please tell your daughter that I really like her colour choices and the child who gets this square in his/her blanket will think it is VERY special!

    • Thanks Anne but I'm not ready to post them just yet, it will probably be next week and hopefully I'll have more to add to it by then. I'll post the list in the correct place next time (hopefully).

  • Hi Julie

    Welcome to our 'sometimes confusing' forum.

    When you mail items, we hope you will post them in the 2013 Tally.  Here's a link

    or you can click on the Forum tab in the menu bar at the top of each page and get a list of all the categories - you will see 2013 Tally listed there.

    That way we have  a more or less running tally of what forum members have sent, and seeing the totals grow over the months inspires us all.

    Instructions for adding to the Tally are found in "HOW DO I - tips for using the forum" which you will find in the Category list if you click on the forum tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

    Here are the instructions

    How do I add to the ongoing tally of squares and other items?

    - the easiest way is to go to the last entry in the tally

    – copy the entire list to Word Pad or Clipboard

    - Make changes in the list to reflect the items you are sending – copy the entire list again

    - Click on Reply to This (right under the introduction) and paste your revised list here

    - Click on Add Reply. This will place your reply at the very end of the discussion so the next person leaving a message will have the correct figures

    - if you absolutely find this process baffling, post your numbers as a note, or message someone on the forum with whom you are in contact. No worries – one way or another we’ll get them added to the tally!


    I will leave you discussion "My contribution so far" in place for a few days until we know you have figured out adding to the tally.  If you have any problems or questions about this, just post them here and we'll be back to help.


  • I think I've put this in the wrong place, if I have sorry about that.

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