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Hey, all. I am working on this square circle crochet project with my 85 year old mom as I'd like her to get some occupational therapy in and to do some humanitarian effort that will make her feel like she's contributing to the world around her. I have NO experience in crochet, but she has some. Does anyone know of a link to someone explaining the process for doing the simple plain jane and completing an entire square? If not, do you think I should just stop by a local crochet group to get the process down? 

Thanks for the help! 


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  • Hi Roy, in addition to the advice you've been given, I would certainly recommend checking in with a local crochet group if you know of one - you'll find crafters are invariably a friendly lot, always happy to introduce a newbie to their hobby, and very helpful with advice on any problems you may encounter.  Good luck to you and your mom, and we look forward to seeing your squares!

  • Hi Roy - i want to congratulate both you and your dear Mom.   You obviously have a super, caring and close relationship.   Good on your Mom for showing an interest and wanting to apply herself to helping others - and a gold star for you for taking a huge leap into a crafting world you know nothing about but realise is important to her.    You should both be very proud of yourselves.   Good luck with the crocheting - the advice you have been offered is by some of the nicest folk you'll never meet, but will be glad you reached out to.   Love, Kx

  • Hello Roy, and welcome to you and your Mom.  Joan is right :)  Checking online for beginner crochet is a great idea!  

    If your mom has enough crochet knowledge to follow a pattern, we have several in the KAS Pattern Book  (tab at the top of this page).  I would suggest the Chain Stitch Square in a single color since you don't need to wonder how many stitches to start with.  If you follow the pattern, you can just stop when you have a square that measures 8" X 8".  There are many patterns in the KAS Pattern Book for knit and crochet to get your mom started.

    Good for you for helping your mom to become involved in such a worthwhile project.  I do hope she is well and recovering from her fall, and that she will enjoy creating warm squares for the children of S. Africa.  Please feel free to browse through our discussions by clicking the tabs at the top of this page.

    Good luck, and thank you for joining us.

    • Thanks so much for the assistance! I'll look for those tutorials, I just needed to know what to look for! And thank you for the welcome everyone. 

  • Have you tried YouTube?  If you type 'Crochet blanket squares' in the YouTube search bar, there are a lot of videos most of them for beginners.  I don't have much luck with YouTube links but you should find several.  Most of them are granny squares which are easier to get the size right.

    • I have, sort of. But being a newbie I don't even know the terminology enough to know I'm searching the right thing. Are they called granny squares then? 

      • Roy these are Granny Squares... accept no subsitition. If you mom is a crocheter this should be easy peasy lots of online you tubes of them being done. Just make sure you chain two at the corers or they don't lie flat !

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