• Way to go Anna! I'm not exactly the most accomplished knitter, but each time I try out a new pattern, have to measure, and restart quite a few times...
  • Thanks for all the encouragement. I am still working on getting an 8 inch square. My first squares are slightly off but I've read that that is o.k. so I will continue to knit and strive for that perfect 8 inch square!

  • We all fretted about the first few squares Anna - yarn, size etc., so well done for persisting!

  • Well done Anna ! I second Cherry, please post a photo on the Photos page :-)

    • Good on ya', pleased to see you have obviously rectified the sizing issue and are 'on your way'.  :))

  • Welcome Anna! We're glad to have you with us.  We'd love to see pictures of what you're making if you'd like to post them :).

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