Knit a Square moved into what we loving call The Barn in 2015.  It is located in Randburg, not far from our post office.  This is a very large space that allows us to sort all the post, make blanket packs, stack blankets, and most important create our wonderful KAS cakes.  Our volunteers show up on Tuesday morning around 9:00am and work their magic until about 3:00pm.  Themba has already collected the post, and often times will make a distribution on Tuesdays.  

Please know that the Barn is a success due to all our contributors, financial donors and volunteers.  Without your ongoing support we would find it difficult to carry on.

Thank you all for everything.

Check in to this discussion frequently to see the latest news and photos from The Barn.  Many thanks to our marvelous reporter, Estelle for bringing the fun of The Barn to us.

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  • So many beautiful blankets. Liz, I like the Hot air Balloon you made, thank you!!!
  • December 13 is the last day for opening KAS packages in The Barn.  There was lots of work being done and a four members of the crew went out for a Christmas distribution.  Here is Estelle's last report for 2022.

    Opening Day at the KASbarn December 13 2022.
    Another KAS year full of joy, fun, laughter and fulfillment has come to an end however there were frustrating days with postal issues which thankfully seem to have sorted themselves out.
    10909460491?profile=RESIZE_710xThank you Amy for initiating the Hand Warmer Challenge. We had enough hand warms for all the fourth quarter distributions and plenty to spare, and a massive thanks to our wonderful contributors who never cease to amaze us with their enthusiasm and generosity.
    10909460667?profile=RESIZE_710xA BIG green big filled with hand warmers.
    10909461089?profile=RESIZE_710xLiz started a collection of yummy goodies for Khensani and her daughter. Thank you Liz.  Liz shown here with Sheldon and Vivienne.
    10909461274?profile=RESIZE_710xAda Breeuwer Liz found your squares a joy to work with. The children will love your Hot Air Balloon. Audrey I missed your lovely blankets this morning.
    10909463867?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother beauty from Liz. You have matched Amy's large square with perfect PJ’s from Reddam School.
    10909464462?profile=RESIZE_710xWhile we were away the mice certainly didn’t play….thanks guys for tiding the barn and our tables. Who left the Handy Andy there? Wandi, Vivieen, Ronda, Themba and Lindi.
    It was another grey wet day in Johannesburg, so wet that Ronda was trying to dry her drenched trainers and socks on the fan before Wandi, Themba, Ronda and I went off to Soweto for our Christmas distribution.10909459495?profile=RESIZE_710x
    Luckily we found some large cosy socks for Ronda. Liz’s last Christmas blanket of the year, Thanks Liz we appreciated your dedication.
    10909467653?profile=RESIZE_710x10909467875?profile=RESIZE_710x10909468273?profile=RESIZE_710xYou can find more photos in the Distribution discussion.
    Happy Holidays to all and see you in 2023!
    • Great coverage.....   Applause applause you do a cracking job!!!

  • The Barn is the place to be in December as there are so few days it is open and so much to do before the holiday break.  Here is Estelle's report.  The official countdown is ONE...1 more Opening Day left for 2022, December 13, 2022.

    Opening Day at the KASbarn December 2022.
    2022 is fast coming to an end with one more Tuesday morning before the KAS team has a break for the holidays.
    We used our time packing for a small Christmas distribution next week, organizing the barn and opening some of the new post we received.
    10904278660?profile=RESIZE_710xLiz-Love the feel of these soft pastels.
    10904279057?profile=RESIZE_710xI collected 12 stunning blankets from Sweetie last week. I spy Amy’s yacht, Sharon’s black/ red and grey and Heather Mensah's super blue and green squares.
    10904278875?profile=RESIZE_710xOperation Packing Shelves...Lindi carrying blankets from the green carpet to….10904278686?profile=RESIZE_710x
    Ronda who is holding the ladder with her knee and passing the blankets to Viv -
    I think it’s Viv’s first time up there.
    ...And VOILA chock-a-block shelves.
    Lindi’s table ready to start all over again next week.
    10904287297?profile=RESIZE_710xOur Cake Base-Green Carpet don’t stress there will be blankets to
    start another cake next week.
    10904307698?profile=RESIZE_710xReady to go to our Gogos for stitching.
    10904308094?profile=RESIZE_710x10904308278?profile=RESIZE_710xPrepped for our special Christmas Distribution.
    10904306464?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of the latest Christmas blankets - this ones from Sweetie using squares from Sharon Rains Bedgood, Croatia 🇭🇷 and others.
    10904306664?profile=RESIZE_710xExquisite square from Chris Chiplen.
    10904306885?profile=RESIZE_710x10904306893?profile=RESIZE_710xSweetie crocheted her own decorations to enhance some of the squares she used.
    10904307475?profile=RESIZE_710xI used your squares Cath Riley and PJ’s from the pupils of Reddam school.
    Thank You C Reid from Alsager UK for choosing our Charity and sending us 72 squares.
    10904304679?profile=RESIZE_710x10904304860?profile=RESIZE_710xAll the Father Christmases from Antoinette’s team had their last cuddle from us before being packed for the distribution next week.
    Heather Regenass and Joyce Drake from Misfits popped in with 10 blankets and Ana brought her 75 blankets - yes 75! You’re amazing Ana. (These will be seen in the Blanket Room soon)
    10904277291?profile=RESIZE_710x10904277861?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother bright and beautiful one from Misfits.
    10904277883?profile=RESIZE_710xLovely blanket thanks Heather.
    10904278463?profile=RESIZE_710xGreat job fitting these together Joyce Drake.
    There were no distributions today however Themba and Wandi drove to Soweto to collect blankets from the Gogos.
  • Our birthday girl Estelle has brought us a very colorful report from November 29.

    Opening Day at the KASbarn November 29 2022.
    We had a productive morning with a full house of volunteers - no distributions today - and Elaine Joubert who pops in but stays to help us till closing time, we appreciate your help and sharing your precious time.
    10895683470?profile=RESIZE_710xElaine having some fun modeling a stunning shawl / scarf crocheted by Vivienne.
    We almost finished the new delivery of post filled with fabulous squares, blankets and the cutest toys.
    10895687657?profile=RESIZE_710xLove the Turkey reminded us of all our American contributors who celebrated their Thanksgiving last week.
    10895688458?profile=RESIZE_710xViv loved these beautifully dressed Ellie’s from C Gordon.
    10895689464?profile=RESIZE_710xSheldon also loved the Ellie’s.
    10895688680?profile=RESIZE_710xGreat to have tall helpers.
    10895690494?profile=RESIZE_710xGreat to have you in the barn today Wands….at least you didn’t have to rush your tea and could enjoy the delicious sandwiches Liz brought. Thanks Liz you’re a star.
    10895691880?profile=RESIZE_710xHow come your table is always so organized Lindi?
    10895692084?profile=RESIZE_710xHappy times in the barn. These fabulous dolls must have been made
    by Bozica Balenovic Duracic from Croatia.
    Themba is our neatest shelf packer by far! He has just started on the top shelf.
    10895696065?profile=RESIZE_710xI opened your parcel Lesley Robinson…love the twirl on the pink hat.
    10895696087?profile=RESIZE_710x10895696883?profile=RESIZE_710x10895696479?profile=RESIZE_710x10895697296?profile=RESIZE_710x10895700500?profile=RESIZE_710x10895701098?profile=RESIZE_710xKarla Bystrianská from The Czech Republic we were blown away by your magnificent squares. Viv had a marvelous time opening your parcel.
    10895702499?profile=RESIZE_710xSlowly but surely we’re getting the Gogos blanket packs growing.
    10895703458?profile=RESIZE_710xThe shelves are starting to groan.
    Stefanus, Sunel Botes husband, brought her latest creations for KNIT A SQUARE. They are absolutely stunning thank you Sunél for your ongoing support.
    10895685482?profile=RESIZE_710xStefanus with two of Sunels latest creations. I absolutely love the way you added the flowers at the bottom of the blanket. 
    10895687071?profile=RESIZE_710xTwo more stunning blankets from Sunel Botes.
    • I´m very glad that Viv had a marvelous time opening my parcel. The same had I when saw my parcel had arrived safely to KAS. /By the way my husband loves Viv in her beautiful dress/.

    • I love seeing what arrives in the barn.  Well done to all the contributors from around the world and the volunteers in South Africa.

      i'm hoping with fingers crossed that the pink bag in the foreground might be the parcel I sent October last year.


      • Sandra that was your pink polka dot bag. Your blankets are superb thank you. I unfortunately didn’t take my own  photos of them so copied photos for my report, all the pics were out of focus.
        Hopefully you’ll see some of them this year wrapped around our children. 

        • Thank you so much for letting me know Estelle.  I was becoming quite anxious about that parcel as it was posted October last year.  

          I look forward to maybe seeing a little boy with a Superman blanket sometime soon.

          i have a blue poladot parcel ready to send, but the post office here (Australia) tells me Seamail won't re-open until sometime in the new year.  I'm hoping that means January.


          • Same problem here Sandra, no Seamail. I have sent a couple of parcels by Airmail just so they could get to where they were needed instead of just sitting in the cupboard here (but I can't afford to do this all the time). They also told me Seamail would come back, but could not say when. In the new year  sounds hopeful for January to me too, let's keep our fingers crossed!

            Some of my last few Seamail parcels also took 12 months to arrive in SA, I guess that is why Seamail is currently unavailable, they are trying to clear the backlog.

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