November Challenge…Theme [the Mods have decided to change the name to Monthly Theme ]

Growing up in the country, the fields and forest were my playground.

I was fascinated by butterflies, damselflies, ladybugs and bees [bugs]

Then I discovered snakes, toads, lizards and snails [slugs]

At the end of the day I could return to the warmth and security of a loving home [hugs]


The children of South Africa miss out on so much. 

Shall we have some November fun and wrap each child

“As Snug as a Bug in a Rug”

Some of us will enjoy the challenge of creating bugs/slugs in our squares 

While others of us will be creatively making squares with

stripes for bees  

dots for ladybeetles  

bright colours to capture the beauty of the butterfly


But most of all :

When a child wraps themselves up in that blanket, they're getting a hug from the whole world. A global blanket of love!”

P. Jeanne Haessler

A quote that describes Hugs beautifully:

"Hugs are all about love, warmth, and a life with brightness"

                                                             Susan Donaldson 


Our new mascot is perfect for this theme ! 

 I hope to see many variations of this darling


Pattern available in the KAS Pattern Book

Photo Gallery Album 1  and   Photo Album 2  are available.

Anne has added the Pinterest album

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  • 2930281415?profile=originalI'm really late to the party, but wanted to include a KAS Cuddlebug to this month's theme.

    It was made by my sister, and all I did was add antenna and feet.

    Her nose has purple sparkles in the black, which due to my (lack of )camera skills doesn't show up.

  • Susanne Leverton found these 'buggy' books....perfect for November !

    She said:  I bought a bundle of second hand books for my grandchildren...these 2 just had to go in with my November theme squares.

    BUGS....for November

  • 2868295125?profile=originalOh, such wonderful things have been showing up here!  

    I had a few squares tucked away that needed some finishing, and finally got them together for this photo .... yep, I'm still on my butterfly binge.

  • 2930281498?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    A special hug for everyone !

    Thank you for thinking inside and outside the square.

    The children are going to be delighted with the ‘friendly’ bugs and slugs as they wrap themselves in a huge hug [otherwise known as a blanket ].

    I’ve been shopping in the KAS Shop for an early Christmas gift for you and purchased 4 posters.

     Maybe Ronda and Wendy can find ones with insects ???


    Extra thanks to Anne for looking after our Pinterest page.

    Now, on to the December theme…. A great way to relax while we get ready for the holidays.  

    See you at the Un-Challenge with Susan Haines.

  • HUGS: Cats & Hearts November Theme 2014

    HUGS: Cats & Hearts November Theme 2014

    I found this deightful little Graph design By Nevyn - Michigan, United States at Nevyn's Knitting Narrative: I increased the pink heart a bit from the original pattern. (It’s November 30 in Canada still! – couldn’t get the photo uploaded sooner – ‘flu))

  • 2886753499?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    I end this month's theme (last minute) with a big hug square and PJs. In the October Snippets I read

    "By adding a contrasting colour, the solid square takes on a new dimension". I have chosen to make them in the chain stitch pattern from the KAS Pattern Book.

    The butterfly embellishment is a present for Molly. I am sure she knows what to do with it :))

    Linda thank you soooo much for leading this wonderful challenge! Like you, I grew up in the country, the fields and forests were my playground too. Ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies and snails were and still are my favorites. Lots of wonderful memories from my childhood passed by during this challenge. Weldeserved HUGS for you :))

  • Zanny Ts from Julie Hobson.  They will give cuddly hugs as will the 3 toys.

    And some extra square hugs :-)

    Zanny Ts 24, 25 & 26 Nov 14

    Squares Nov 2014

  • Hugs from Sharon Fennell.

    Granny square

    Earthy coloured plain Janes

  • 2886750716?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Well here's the final blanket compilation - though I wish I could get the photo to load vertical! 

    Bugs and slugs in their grassy, flowery patch in the middle, surrounded by butterflies in the blue sky and edged with hugs and bug-inspired squares. 

  • 2965213476?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Yay - I made it in time! 

    Here are the final 4 squares for my 'bugs, slugs and hugs'  blanket. These represent the hugs and the love that has gone into making it, although the whole blanket will be a big, warm hug for the receiving child. Now to photograph them altogether... 

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