We all know how our eye is immediately attracted to bright, strong colours, but this month I would like you to think about the shrinking violet, the gentle yellow cowslip or the pale green euphorbia.

Maybe they don't have the same eye-catching power as the vibrant purple iris or a brilliant red rose. but they, too, are beautiful in a quieter, more tranquil  way. This is the gift of the pretty pastel colours.

They are found everywhere: in nature, in our clothes, in fashion, in our food

.........and quite definitely in our yarn.



How many of you remember the delicious sherbert flying saucers,or the candy alphabet sweets?


All these beautiful colours can be used alone or in contrast with the more vibrant colours.



Even if you prefer your colours bright and vibrant, just for once try the pretty pastels. They will be pretty with variegated yarn or as PJ’s for the November Pattern of the Month.

They're really ZEN!  You never know you might become addicted.

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  • Adding a blanket by Grace Weir and her friend Thelma.  It is never too late to add such a beautiful blanket to the theme :-)

    This blanket is another joint effort with my friend Thelma.
    She has knitted these beautiful squares and I have completed the sewing up and edging...

    KAS Blanket 7

    • Grace, this blanket is magnificent. Please give our thanks to Thelma. I can just imagine some lovely child wrapped in this blanket.

      • Beautiful, thank you Grace and Thelma. A very lucky child will be very happy !!

  • Valerie,

    Thank you for hosting this theme.  I was wonderful to see everyone's soft and warm creations. This just goes to show you, that all colors are beautiful.  I cannot wait to see all the blankets with these squares in them.

    • Thank you Ay. I, too, look forward to seeing lots of lovely PASTEL blankets!!

  • November 2016 Theme - Pretty Pastels

    Peach/apricot with a light green (not blue, as showing up on my screen)

    Thank you for hosting this month, Valerie.

    Beautiful squares, gorgeous blankets and marvelous hand warmers in pretty pastels, from everyone.  :)) I have really enjoyed it.

    • 'Variegated' Bev strikes again! Love the apricot with the light green, a winning combo.....Bev, thank you for making so many of the November PoM, it's great to see all the lovely PJ's you've made during the pastels theme.

      Now I must toddle off to do battle with Ning to add the PoM for December to the main page, wish me luck. Lol
      • Good luck. How I sympathise with you!

    • Bev, these are simply "peachy!"  Great color combo, even though, as you say, it's green and not blue :)  I did discover that blue goes well with orange, so I imagine a pastel blue would blend nicely with pale peach.  Perhaps you will try it sometime ... tee hee hee  Well done, my dear.  Your knitting is always so neat and perfect ... xo

    • Looks green on mine, Bev. They lok so nice and warm.

      I had a really good time hosting this. Lots of lovely squares and some gorgeous blankets.

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