Christmas already !

Yes, KASFolk, it is time to think about Christmas.

There is a popular song in North America called:

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth.

For a child in South Africa, perhaps we could change the lyrics to:

All I want for Christmas is a blanket and a hat. 

Let’s see how many blankets we can have ready for Christmas.  The volunteers in South Africa will sew the squares together but it would be fun to know how many cyber blankets we could make in a month.

Plain Janes in greens, reds;  Sparkly squares;  Shiny squares and, of course,  squares decorated with trees,  snowpeople,  stars,  candles,  hearts (to mention a few ideas) will make the blankets very festive.


We will be keeping children like this sweet angel, warm and cozy.                                   

  “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

                                   - Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

 * * * * * * * *

Please upload your photos to the photo page and also to this discussion.  

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Gitta has graciously offered to add the photos to an album.

Mary has once again added an album to her  Flickr account.


 Thank you to everyone who participated.    

We are keeping 8 children warm !  


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  • I know that this challenge is over, but I had a lot of sparkly yarn and motifs left over. As I didn't complete my usual 35 squares in October, and having already done 35 Plain Janes for the November challenge, I thought I would complete this one with the remaining 11.


  • October Challenge - All About Christmas

    Snowflake. It is not quite centred within my 'frame'. Quickly grabbed yarn and needles and took with me when hubby wanted to go look at replacing our ride on lawn mower. I made the stocking stitch part with an even number of rows and stitches and it should have been an odd....hence snowflake is over to the right and down just a tad. :)) But, hey, that is SO

  • October Challenge - All About Christmas

    Sorry guys... he's ever so late for the October challenge!! He was a challenge!!

  • Here's 5 squares in festive Christmas colours from Jana.  


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    Still frantically knitting/crocheting for the Christmas challenge. A few hours of October still to go here in the UK! Photographed these outside in an attempt to get the sparkles to show better!

  • This is my last October Challenge entry. I can't wait for the plain Jane challenge. Sorry the snowflake is a bit wonky!2886703341?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • 2886701535?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

    - Chinese proverb

    Sandy and Ronda lit a candle, the light of which has spread around the world.

    Everyone who makes a square, lights a candle. The glow from these candles, is banishing the darkness of despair and bringing hope to the children.

    It has been a pleasure hosting the October Challenge.  How delightful it was to see the many wonderful squares that will keep the children warm and let them know someone cares.

    Thank you to everyone who participated.  Your squares have been spectacular and so lovingly and beautifully made.

    Thank you also to Mary and Gitta for spreading the word via Flickr and the KAS Album.

     Before the challenge started, I thought we might make 4 blankets (one per week) but, instead, we made eight, which translates into 8 warm children !

    If I may, just one last quote :-)               

     “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”

    - Agnes M. Pharo

    Wishing you a full cup and a peaceful path.


    Now it’s time to get our hooks and needles busy making piles and piles of Plain Janes.

    ** This discussion will remain open for Christmas ideas and photos…. How do you decorate your tree?  What traditions do you and your family celebrate?  And, of course, Christmas themed squares. **

  • I didn't make much of a contribution to the christmas challenge, but here are my final squares, at the last minute.  There are gold threads in some of these, which hardly show up in the photos. 2930170886?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • First try Hexagon Sweater/Jacket.   It fits me so it should fit a 12 to 14 year old.   In Aran it crocheted bigger than the pattern measurements.  The collar detail works whether open or closed and wonder of wonders (for me!) those are actual buttonholes.  I can't believe I have managed to do this.  Giant thank you to Linda and Christine for the pattern and all the encouragement.

    A giant thank you also to Mary, Gitta and Linda for this amazing challenge.   Bless your hearts xoxoxo


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