On a freezing cold day at the beginning of June 2014, we headed off to Finetown once more … and, thanks to a large group of volunteers on that particular occasion, we were able to visit three schools. 

Our first stop was Evergreen Day Care and Pre-School.

The playground certainly wasn’t “evergreen” with the sparse playground equipment you see here … spread around in a small, rather dusty area.

But, the inside of the classroom was well equipped and bright and cheery and the children were just delightful!

It was such fun to have a large group of volunteers with us and especially to be joined by Annette Widmer who has been volunteering with KAS in South Africa for some years now (while her husband is doing contractual work in South Africa).  She was joined by her son, Luke, who was out visiting from Kansas and her nephew, Eric, also visiting SA, but from Missouri – they are both 21 years old.  And then of course the good old faithful volunteers – Wandi and Wendy were with me!

With more volunteers to help on the day, we could spend a little more time cuddling before needing to dash off to the next school.

As you can see from these photos, this day care is fairly well equipped by comparison to some of the other facilities we have been visiting in Finetown.  It is so encouraging to witness - and be a part of – even the smallest sign of progress taking place in this area.  These children are on the JAM feeding programme and this little sweet one was enjoying his bowl of food when we arrived.  We have, happily, been able to introduce the JAM feeding scheme to many of the day care centres in which we have distributed our Knit-a-Square blankets and other items.

The children all look well – other than a few runny noses, but that is to be expected in the middle of winter.  Take a look at all these happy faces.

We will share the photos and details of the other two schools we visited on this trip in other reports.

We have had two opening days in January 2015 so far, after the break over Christmas and New Year.  Each week we receive over 20 large mail bags crammed with all your contributions and it is going to take us a little while to open all the mail which is now pouring in, the postal strike having been finally resolved. 

This year, we have YET to catch up to a point where we open mail as we receive it.  But, nevertheless, it is most encouraging to be collecting Knit-a-Square mail in great piles … and also to note that nothing appears to have been mislaid during the months of the strike. 

We hear that many of you are experiencing bitterly cold weather at the moment – we are thinking of you and hope that you can all keep warm by tucking yourselves under some KAS knitting / crocheting projects in order to help us to make up as many blankets ahead of our own approaching winter, here in South Africa !


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  • Thank you Ronda and Wendy for this Report and the wonderful photos.  Evergreen does look a bit sad outside,  but very cheerful inside.  You can tell by the smiles how happy the children were to receive their blankets!

    Nice to see the JAM porridge being enjoyed even if  a guy has to wear mitts while eating it.!

  • Absolutely thrilling to see these little ones being wrapped in warmth and colour!  I love the smiles on those dear little faces, and am so glad to see they are receiving nourishment from JAM.  Thank you, Ronda and team, for doing what you do and for making us a part of it. xo

  • Of the five little pictures in the middle, in the second to the left I think is a blanket made mostly of my squares :). I used to use those colors a lot and I recognize the patterns.
  • Lovely to see smiling children receiving their blankets and other goodies.  Good to see that they are receiving the JAM porridge too.  Look forward to seeing more photos soon!

  • So good to hear and see the progress of the deprived children of South Africa - and, of course, that they are receiving JAM porridge to help their future development and health!

    • I'm so glad that JAM is feeding the kids! And is that Anneke's liquorice allsorts blanket I spy?

  • It is so encouraging to see the JAM bowls, the rounded faces and the smiling eyes.  Thank you, Ronda, for this warm report. 

    • Thank You Ronda, it is lovely to have insight into the places you visit and great to see the work JAM is doing too ! The children do look a healthy lot and happy with their blankets and goodies !

  • Thank you Ronda and Wendy for this report.  It is lovely to read that the children attend a well maintained centre and receive a hot breakfast everyday.

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