As you probably already know, when all the lovely squares, hats, toys, vests and sweaters arrive in South Africa, our dedicated volunteers have the job of unpacking them all. Not only do they unpack though, they need to count everything up for the square lists. It's a huge job!

We're going to try something now which we hope will help our volunteers to get through the post a bit faster. It's called the KAS Package Inventory and you can start whenever you're ready to send your next package.

Here's how it works:

- Attached to this forum post is the PDF for the KAS Package Inventory. Open up that file and print off one copy for each package you plan to send.

- Fill in the "This package contains" part at the top, describing what you're sending in the package.

- Fill in your contact details in the "My Details" section. You don't have to fill in everything here unless you want to, but we'd really like a name to put on the square lists.

- Cut along the line marked with the scissors.

- Put the top part of the form inside your package, before you seal it up.

- Firmly tape the bottom part of the form with the address on the outside of your package. (If the label is the wrong size for your package, just hand-write the address and "No commercial value" declaration instead).

- Send your package!

For example, I want to send a package with five squares and a beanie.

I'd start by putting a "5" in the box next to "Knitted/Crocheted Squares", and a "1" next to "Hats/Beanies. Then, I'd write my "Erica Smith" in the Name box, "Australia" in the Country box, and put my email address in the email box. I'd then put the filled in part inside my package before I sealed it up. Finally, I'd put the address on the outside of the package and head off to my local post office to send it.

We hope that by having a list of the contents of each package, written clearly and in a standard format, we'll be able to reduce the administrative work our South African volunteers have to do, and free them up to open even more packages!

If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask them here.

KAS Package Inventory.docx

KAS Package Inventory.pdf

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  • i am opening the docx, in open office and the address is split into two pages

    • Maudie, the team have introduced a new Packing Slip, please go to :

      This one will be moved to Closed Discussion shortly.

      • OK thanks Pam

        • We've cut out the photos at the top as the only people who saw them were the team in South Africa, and, it was a waste of valuable coloured printing ink for our members! The form was re-designed according to the team in SA needs!

  • When I try to print out the pdf file it tells me it is damaged

    • Hi Mary. Does the file open on your screen? I just checked it and it does for me...can't say about the printing as I don't have a working printer at the moment.

  • Oops sent a parcel today ( a while since my last one) & I missed these new instructions. Sorry!!

    I included a packing list but not on the new form and I didn't tie my squares into 5 or 10 bundles

    Promise I will follow them next time..... :-)

    • I did that too last time. I was mostly disappointed because I wanted to include my email, so I could know when they got it.
      • Thankfully Cherry, the volunteer numbers have grown in South Africa, and with the wonderful Gina on board, KAS can now send emails to alert members that their parcels have been opened. Previously, when everything operated from Ronda's home, getting the parcels opened and sorted was the priority!  Also, with the office facilities we are able to publish more pics, so hopefully, you'll spot something of yours! 

        • I know it got there safe, it was on the last square list :). I did see some of my stuffed animals I sent from another package in the pics as well.

This reply was deleted.