Our volunteers work tirelessly every week. They open packages, assemble blanket packs for the gogos (grandmothers) to sew and organise your donated items.

You can help make their jobs easier and ensure we wrap more blankets around cold, orphaned or vulnerable children by following the important steps listed below to package your squares. Please also consider, beyond your compassionate crafting for the children, a small donation. Every few dollars adds up to make it possible for us to warm the children.

STEP 1: How to package your squares


Make sure your squares are 8” (20cm).

Darn all loose ends.

Butterfly the 20” (50cm) tail for sewing up to avoid tangling during unpacking.

Bundle large numbers of squares into 5’s or 10’s. The squares can also be bundled into square packs of 35 if there are enough of them.

Wrap your squares and crocheted or knitted items in a plastic bag or buy Tyvek bags or postal bags with an inner plastic coating to keep them moisture proof.

Send your squares flat. It takes time to unroll squares.

Add ‘slip-ins.’ Frequently, items such as soft toys and teddies are sent in parcels. It is most important that all packaging, labels, price tags, etc. be removed. Once this is done, the item qualifies as used and will not attract duty. It’s not necessary to declare these on a customs slip since they have ‘No Commercial Value.’

Include the packing slip inside the package.


Use cling wrap as squares develop an odour.

Send parcels over 20 kg (44 lbs.) from Australia, Canada or the United States or parcels over 30 kg (66 lbs.) from the UK.

Additional items that are welcome

  • Yarn – we always need yarn to sew together and edge the blankets. Acrylic is welcomed.
  • Yarn needles – we always need these for sewing the blankets, both plastic and metal are great.
  • Crochet hooks – 4.0mm (US size G/6, UK/Canadian size 8) for edging the blankets so they remain strong.
  • We do not need any more knitting needles at this stage – we have a box full!

STEP 2: The Packing Inventory Slip

When you package your squares, please include a Packing Inventory Slip. The South African volunteers find the job of recording each item much easier when a Packing Inventory Slip is used.

The Packing Inventory Slip can be found here.

One packing inventory slip is needed for each parcel

Do not be concerned if it seems to take 3 or 4 months for your name to appear. It takes several weeks for surface mail to arrive, then the time to travel to the local post office, be unpacked and recorded by KAS volunteers.

STEP 3: The Post

Please follow this link for guidelines on posting your parcels.

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