Ronda and the team continue to bring us wonderful photographs of the children receiving their blankets, hats and garments. Along with many story snippets of their experiences at the various centres.  These photographs confirm to the world that by taking direct action our members are making a difference

One Square at a Time!



Edith "introduced" us to a little guy of 2 who has been with them since 
birth - suffering from brain damage and from the beginning unable to move his limbs at all ... and she already has him standing straight up on his feet (so long as he was able to lean back against her, or hang onto her hand).

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  • Pictures and note from Diakonia AIDS Ministry located in Soweto.

    On the first day of spring (September 1), Knit-a-square was distributing blankets, beanies and gloves to the youngest group of our kids!! We are very thankful and are looking forward to future meetings.

    • Everyone looks so happy with the gifts. Beautiful pictures. :))

    • Thank you for all the beautiful and inspirational photos.

    • The lady in picture 2 is wearing a pair of my handwarmers !!!  I am soooo delighted :)))

      • Congratulations Joan! Your colourful handwarmers are so beautiful!

      • That's fantastic Joan....well spotted, bet that's made your day, I'm so happy for you. :)))
        • Congrats Joan....that's awesome!!!!!

          • To be honest, I was rather overwhelmed. It made me cry, happy tears of course :)
            • That is wonderful Joan , isn't it great , it is very emotional to see your items at the other end. :))
      • Well spotted Joan - it is always wonderful when members see their work being worn - you know you are making a difference, and that lady looks particularly happy!

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