Plain jane

  1. Hi my name is Jane and I am a beginner at knitting. I'm knitting a plain Jane, I have right needles and wool I have 35 stitches but only measuring 18cm. So just wondering how many stitches I should do help would be greatful. 

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  • Hi Jane,

    Your discussion appeared in the KAS FINANCES category.  I am moving it to Questions, Answers and Help where it might get more attention.  I see you already have some answers - hope they were helpful

    • Thank both for your help x

  • You will find however that you may need to adjust the amount of stitches whenever you use a different brand of wool.   This is called your tension and it differs for every kind of wool you use and every knitter.   A little trial and error each time you start a new brand  is worth the time in checking your tension.   (What works for me, may differ for you)

  • Hello Jane, welcome to KAS.    I'd suggest you try 39 sts.    If you knit a few rows and measure again this should work out at 20cms for you.   Karen x

    • Thank you so much for your help Karen xx

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