Did you know? Knit-a-Square has its own podcast that comes out every two weeks and features conversations with local volunteers and members around the world. You can link to it from the podcast page on this website or, better still, follow it on your favourite podcast app so you can get new episodes automatically when they come out.
I started the Knit-a-Square podcast in April 2020, not imagining it would serve such a valuable purpose during lockdown. Early listeners thanked me for providing a way for them to feel connected, and newer ones tell me they enjoy it so much that they want to go back and listen to all the episodes from the beginning. Hearing the voices of members we've known for years from the forum brings a whole new level of togetherness and there's nothing nicer than tuning in to updates from Knit-a-Square while you are knitting and crocheting for the children.

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  • Hello everybody, Leanne here. I'm aware that many members haven't yet listened to the podcast and I want to spread the word. Please tell us what you particularly enjoy about it so that others will be inspired to tune in too. Thanks!

    • A new episode of the Knit-a-Square podcast is available on the Acast platform. Entitled "Dangerous conditions", it features interviews with the volunteers following July's unrest in Gauteng and elsewhere. Please spread the word about the podcast by sharing the episode, as well as any other episodes you find enjoyable or inspiring. The link for the Acast platform is https://shows.acast.com/knit-a-square/ .

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